4 Ways to Say Goodbye To Frustrating Night Sweats

4 Ways to Say Goodbye To Frustrating Night Sweats

Waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat is no fun. From the late-night changing of wet pajamas to the soaked sheets you wake up in, something has got to give! The dangers of getting poor sleep each night are definitely something we want to help you avoid. Here are our top four ways you can leave your frustrating night sweats in the past and create a new cozy sleeping experience.   

Set Your Bedroom Temperature To 64 Degrees Fahrenheit 

For the most comfortable sleep, you’ll want to keep your bedroom thermostat between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. To figure out which temperature works best for you, adjust your bedroom temperature between these ranges. 

Get Temperature Regulating Bedsheets

The type of bedsheet fabric you use will directly impact your body temperature when you sleep. Bamboo sheets are perfect for helping to combat night sweats. They have been proven to carry thermal-regulating properties that balance your body temperature when you sleep. This means bamboo sheets can help to keep your body cool and dry when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cool.

Avoid Spicy Foods and Alcoholic Drinks Before Bed 

Did you know peppers have a chemical called capsaicin that triggers the nerves that make your body warmer? As a result, this can cause those frustrating night sweats if you eat spicy foods often at dinner time.  

Did you know alcohol consumption increases sweat and urine because it registers to our mind-body as a toxin, therefore, beginning the process of working hard to remove it from your system? 

Schedule An Appointment With Your Doctor

If your night sweats have become a consistent sleep disruptor, it may be time for a routine visit with your local doctor. Common health triggers of night sweats are menopause, diabetes, hormone imbalances, anxiety, or side effects to medication. 

Talk to your doctor about what you have been experiencing so he or she can help you discover the best solution. 

If you found this blog post helpful, comment below and let us know which change you had to implement for a night without frustrating night sweats. The Cosy community would love to hear from you!

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