4 Effects of Poor Sleep

4 Effects of Poor Sleep

We all know that sleep is incredibly important for our wellbeing, but we also tend to value other activities more than resting. Not getting enough sleep every night doesn't just make us tired, it can also have detrimental effects on our health. 

So what actually happens when you lose sleep?

You Become Hungrier and May Gain Weight

When you lose sleep, your hormones become imbalanced. Specifically, the hormones that are responsible for signaling hunger and fullness. One night of missed sleep might not make much of a difference, but consistent lack or of sleep allows those hormones to go awry, leading to bad eating decisions. Your metabolism also slows, adding to the weight gain.*

You’re More Likely to Get Sick

Losing sleep means losing the ability to fight off illness. You’re much more likely to become sick if you’ve lost sleep. While you’re re-establishing your sleep pattern, it’s wise to help your body by adding supplements to boost your immunity. Sleep, on the other hand, is a free and easy way to keep your immune system running properly.*

You’re Less Focused

It’s been proven by multiple studies that a lack of sleep causes cognitive difficulties such as memory trouble and loss of focus.* If you have an important task coming up, you'll likely perform your best if you didn't get a full night's rest!

Your Mood Changes

It's no secret that crankiness goes hand-in-hand with insufficient rest. If you fail to get regular sleep often, you'll likely be less alert and more easily irritated at small inconveniences.* To keep your body and your mind happy, get your Z's in every night!

But, while you may want to get started on a regular sleep schedule, we know it's easier said than done. That's why we put together this short list to help you get to sleep quicker:

Don't add layers

As nice as your bed might look with sheets, a comforter, and grandma’s quilt, you may be causing yourself to overheat when you sleep. Layers are great for insulating your body heat. This is perfect for colder weather, but not so great when you need to cool down. Strip back your bed for maximum comfort. 

But what about your bedding? Maybe it’s doing more harm than good? You may not realize this, but cotton and synthetic sheets are actually holding in heat and moisture, making it even harder for you to cool down at night.

Find proper bedding

Bamboo viscose material has been shown to be temperature regulating, wicking away heat and moisture from the body, while keeping you cool and comfortable. It is also hypoallergenic, resisting odors, stains, and warding off common non-living allergens. Shop for Luxury Bed Sheets without breaking the bank here.

Change your pillow

Everyone knows the age-old trick of flipping your pillow to the cool side. What if we told you that there was a pillow that was always on the cool side? That’s right, switching your traditional pillow to an innovative bamboo viscose pillow could make all the difference in your sleep. Just like the bamboo viscose sheets we mentioned above, a bamboo viscose pillow has the exact same effects! 

In addition to being temperature regulating and hypoallergenic, the Cosy House Luxury Pillow is made with premium shredded memory foam that cradles your head and neck for a comfortable rest. Say goodbye to neck pain and insomnia! Check it out here!

It’s safe to say that sleep is an incredibly important factor in living a long, healthy life. Think long and hard before you decide to binge-watch that new Netflix show or drive one more hour on your 12-hour road trip! In the meantime, try Cosy House's cooling sheets to help you get the most restful sleep possible.

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