Working From Home? How to Be Cozy While You Work

Working From Home? How to Be Cozy While You Work

Working from home has become a new norm for many people over the past couple of years. Working remotely allows for flexibility plus the luxury that is the comfort of your own home. 

Working from home has some major perks. Some days you may opt to work from bed rather than your desk, counter, or couch. Some days you may fully get ready, or opt for comfy loungewear. You get to choose!

But, no matter where in your house you end up working or how you get ready, it’s important to get in the right “comfort zone” so you can remain focused. Keep reading to learn some tips about working from home, and what essentials we recommended for the ultimate cozy workspace.

Get Cozy & Maximize Your Productivity: 5 Tips & Tricks

When you’re working remotely, it can be easy to fall into the trap of getting a little “too” comfortable because you’re not following a typical 9-to-5 routine. It’s important to still keep your routine organized even if you’re not heading out the front door so you can stay productive and efficient. 

It’s easier than you think to stay cozy and productive! Check it out:  

Get Up & Ready

What’s one of the best parts about working from home? You get to be comfortable! However, there is a fine line between being cozy and overly comfortable. While rolling out of bed and jumping straight into work may sound ideal, it can actually keep you from being productive. 

Now, we don’t mean put on your best office attire. Just simply putting something on that is comfortable, helps you get into “work mode,” and that you can wear in the case of a last-minute video call with your co-workers. 

Choose the Right Spot & Make it Yours

As we said, being too comfortable can hinder your productivity and focus. 

Choosing your workspace is probably the most important thing on this list. Working from bed is okay from time to time, but we don’t suggest making it a habit. Besides your productivity, things like your sleep quality, posture, hygiene, mood, and energy can suffer.

Having a particular, set workspace all to yourself is extremely beneficial, and will enable to help you keep your focus. While working from bed may not be the best option, you don’t need to create a fancy or elaborate office separate from your sleep space. The key to staying organized and productive is setting up a space that is dedicated to only your business. This will help you go from “home mode” to “work mode” easily and help you get into a routine.

Eat & Sleep Right

Since you’re home, you have the full range of your kitchen (a major perk!). Snacking throughout the day can be great, but constant snacking or only snacking doesn’t benefit you. Eat foods that help you function, rather than draining your energy. Incorporate foods that are rich in iron, protein, and complex carbohydrates. Be sure to throw in some fruits and/or vegetables! And remember to stay hydrated. Aim to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day.

It’s common to suffer from a poor sleep schedule due to “workaholic syndrome.” But, healthy sleep is more than just downtime—it’s a biological necessity. Quality sleep enhances cognitive performance, including problem-solving skills, memory formation and retention, focus, and even mental health.[1] Don’t compromise on good sleep. Make sure you’re aiming for the sweet spot of 7 or more hours of sleep per night.

Set a Morning & Evening Routine

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your morning and evening routine. It’s important to remain consistent. 

You may have the urge to oversleep since you’re not going into the office, or to stay up all night binge-watching instead of hitting the hay at a proper hour. However, as we mentioned above, losing sleep can wreak havoc on your productivity. So, we recommend setting a simple morning and evening routine you can easily stick to every day. For example:

Morning Routine

  • Take it slow. Don’t rush your morning. Use this buffer time to journal, meditate, make a delicious breakfast, read, or more.
  • Prep your skin. A splash of cold water works just fine if you’re not skincare-savvy.
  • Indulge in a favorite morning beverage. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or a smoothie, start your morning off right. But make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Get moving. Get energized for your day by doing a full workout or going on a short walk—whatever works best for you.

Evening Routine:

  • Get a little movement in. If you can, squeeze in one more workout, long walk, or favorite physical activity. Stay hydrated!
  • Prep your skin for sleep. Wash the day off, use your favorite nighttime oils or moisturizers, and feel relaxed.
  • Prepare for tomorrow. Set out your outfit for the next day and get your to-do list ready.
  • Wind down and relax. Turn on the essential oil humidifiers, read a book, do some yoga, take a warm bath, or do whatever helps you feel soothed and sleepy.
  • Say no to technology. Turn off the electronics and keep them away from your bed.
  • Hit the hay. Set an ideal bedtime and wake-up time and stick to it.

Take Breaks

Being in “work mode” for 8 straight hours can reduce your productivity. Your mind needs a break every once in a while to keep your energy up.  If you’re physically and mentally exhausted, your bed in the other room may begin to look more enticing. 

Get moving and maybe switch up your working location sometimes. Take breaks at set intervals, and add a break-time schedule to your planner or calendar. Assign a set duration to each break and stop working when the time for that break comes. Your brain will thank you.

Work From Home Cosy Essentials

Just as it’s important to stay focused, alert, and productive when you’re working from home, it’s also important to be comfortable, too. Being comfortable in your workspace can affect your productivity, job satisfaction, retention, and overall well-being. So, it makes sense to go ahead and get cozy.[2]

Here are some of our favorite Cosy House work-from-home essentials:

Luxury Loungewear

As we said, getting up and getting ready for the day can be a great way to get you in the right mindset. So, what’s the ideal work-from-home fit? Bamboo Loungewear

Made with the highest-quality bamboo viscose blend, this loungewear is crafted for ultimate comfort. The fitting includes premium stitching for a flattering design, so you can still sport some style around your home (or for your unexpected video call) while also staying super comfortable. 

Fleece Blanket

Whether you’re working from your desk, on the couch, or anywhere else in your house, this generously sized, extra plush blanket is just the thing to keep you cozy and warm. 

This blanket has a fleece finish for superior softness and is perfect for wrapping yourself up while you hone in on your to-do list for the day. Choose your favorite color to match your home office so that when it's not in use, it makes the perfect decorative throw blanket. (This blanket is so great, our Cosy House team even keeps them at their desks!)

Lavender Linen Spray

You’ll want to make sure your workspace not only feels cozy, but smells cozy. That’s where Cosy House Lavender Linen Spray comes in. Spray it on your fleece blanket, around your desk or the couch, or simply mist the area where you’ll be working for the day to leave a soothing scent behind. 

Inspired by aromatherapy, this deodorizing mist is infused with sweet essential oils for a pure, light freshness that promotes calm and relaxation. Say goodbye to work stress and anxiety, and say hello to tranquility!

Work-From-Bed Kind of Day

As we mentioned before, working from bed isn’t exactly considered the best option. However, sometimes our bed just calls our names, or sometimes it may be necessary. If it's a work-from-bed day, you might as well be comfortable (but try your best not to drift off). 

Here are some of our top favorite Cosy House bed essentials to create the ultimate work-from-bed experience:

Luxury Bed Sheets 

If you’re opting to stay in bed with your laptop, you shouldn’t have to compromise on comfort. That’s why Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheets are just the thing you need. 

Bedroom comfort starts with the sheets. Who can stay focused working in a bed all day when the sheets are stiff and scratchy? These sheets are ultra-soft, lightweight, and temperature-regulating. No matter if it's summer or winter, or somewhere in between, you'll stay cool and comfortable while you're typing away on your laptop.

Weighted Blanket

Is your workload stressing you out? You’ll want to invest in the Cosy House Weighted Blanket

The comforting feeling that the Cosy Weighted Blanket provides is truly unmatched. 

Deep-touch pressure stimulation technology created by thousands of tiny glass beads, evenly distributed throughout the fabric, helps to promote tranquility (even when you’ve got the infamous workaholic syndrome). Our material’s natural ventilation means you won’t become overheated beneath the blanket, either.

Luxury Body Pillow

Sometimes work tenses us up. An easy (and super cozy) way to lessen the tension is to experience what it’s like resting on a supportive cloud. What do we mean? Enter: The Cosy House Luxury Body Pillow

It’s not recommended to be lying down while you work (we don’t want you to drift off when you’ve got projects to complete!). So, instead, prop yourself up against our ultra-plush body pillow for some extra comfy back support.

Muscles and joints tense from a long work day? Take a break and rest your mind and body with the Luxury Body Pillow, too. Our pillow is designed to give full-body support, as its generous size helps side sleepers align the head, neck, and spine, while also relieving pressure on the muscles and joints.

Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Top off the perfect work-from-home bed with the Cosy House Luxury Down Alternative Comforter. Our Luxury Down Alternative Comforter is stuffed with a fluffy polyester fill that resembles the airy, cuddly softness of traditional feather down. You’ll feel like you’re working on a cloud.

Cuddle up underneath this soft, breathable bamboo viscose comforter to stay cozy all day long while you work.


Searching for more goodies to cozy up your space while you’re working? Click here to find a huge selection of home good essentials to make your life, and your home, that much cozier.

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What are your favorite products from Cosy House? Let us know in the comments below. The Cosy community loves hearing from you. 


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