Too Hot in Bed? Try This!

As relaxing as sleeping is, it can be a nightmare when you can’t get comfortable. Tossing, turning, throwing off the covers, then throwing them back on. We understand the struggle. Check out our top tips for getting comfortable when you’re too hot in bed.

Shower before bed


Taking a nice cool, or warm shower before bed not only helps you to relax, but can bring your body temperature down before you snuggle into bed. Since your body naturally cools itself, this is a perfect first step in getting comfortable. 

Sleep with damp hair


When we say damp, we don’t mean dripping. Towel off your hair until it’s slightly damp. As it evaporates, the water will help cool you off while you’re sleeping. And no, your wet hair won’t give you a cold. 

*We suggest putting a towel under your head so you don’t get your pillow soaked. 

Avoid exercise


While exercise before bed may seem like a good way to get tired, it’s just going to make you hot and sweaty. If you’ve ever tried to lay down right after working out, you understand the difficulty when all you want to do is sit in front of a fan. If you must move before bed, stick to simple stretching to unwind. 

Avoid heavy meals


Ever get that midnight craving? Don’t give in. Heavy meals before bed are a no-no if your goal is to sleep. The tossing and turning of our digesting stomach is a surefire way to stay awake past your bedtime. Eat no later than two hours before bed.

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Monet Moore

Written by Monet Moore