7 Tips for Keeping Cool at Night

7 Tips for Keeping Cool at Night

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep because you just got too hot? For many people, this is a nightly occurrence. It can be incredibly disheartening and frustrating to not get the sleep you desperately desire. Going days, weeks, or even months without sleep can cause catastrophic changes to your body and mood. That’s why it’s so important to get the right amount of sleep!

So, how do you beat the heat? Here are our top 7 tips for keeping cool at night!

Adjust your fan

Did you know that the direction in which your fan rotates can affect the temperature of the air that is pushed out? When you want to cool down, set your fan blades to turn counterclockwise. This will push cool air down toward you. When you’re ready to warm up (say, during the winter) set your fan to turn clockwise. This will circulate the warm air down around you, keeping you toasty throughout the night. 

Take a shower or bath

Keeping cool isn’t just about the temperature around you. Your core body temperature is essential to your overall temperature.* One great method for bringing your core temperature down is to take a warm bath or shower. Your temperature will go up with the water and then drop once you get out. The warm water will also relax your muscles, making sleep more accessible.* 

Close the blinds

We don’t just mean close your blinds when you go to bed. It’s no surprise that sunlight, even on an overcast day, can heat up a room. In order to keep your house cooler (and save a little on your energy bill), keep your blinds or curtains shut during the day. If the sun is overwhelmingly strong, even with blinds, consider installing blackout curtains or blackout film on your windows. 

Drink ice water

There’s nothing like a cool glass of ice water when you're feeling hot. Seriously, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to cool down! This is because as you get overheated, you may start to sweat. Sweating can lead to dehydration, which can make things worse. Keep a glass of water by your bed just in case. 

Purchase cooling bedding

Did you know that your bedding may be doing more harm than good? You may not realize this, but not all sheets are going to keep you cool. We highly recommend switching to a bamboo viscose bed sheet. Bamboo viscose blended material has been shown to be temperature regulating, wicking away heat and moisture from the body, while keeping you cool and comfortable. It is also hypoallergenic, resisting odors and stains for a cleaner sleep. You can check out the Luxury Bed Sheets here!

Change your pillow

Everyone knows the age-old trick of flipping your pillow to the cool side. What if we told you that there was a pillow that was always on the cool side? That’s right, switching your traditional pillow to an innovative bamboo viscose blended pillow could make all the difference in your sleep. Just like the bamboo viscose sheets we mentioned above, a bamboo viscose pillow has the exact same effects! In addition to being temperature regulating and hypoallergenic, the Cosy House Luxury Pillow is made with premium shredded memory foam that cradles your head and neck for a comfortable rest. Say goodbye to neck pain and insomnia! Check it out here!

Don't add layers

As pretty as your bed might look with sheets, a comforter, and grandma’s quilt, you may be causing yourself to overheat when you sleep. Layers are great for insulating your body heat. This is perfect for colder weather, but not so great when you need to cool down. Strip back your bed for maximum comfort. 

Do you have a top tip for keeping cool? Let us know in the comments below!

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Monet Moore

Written by Monet Moore