5 Signs it's Time to Replace your Pillow

5 Signs it's Time to Replace your Pillow

Pillows are an optimal factor in our sleep quality. However, you might not be aware that pillows have a shelf life – and it’s not very long. So when was the last time you got a replacement? If you can’t remember, that's definitely a sign that it is time for a new pillow to improve your sleep quality.

Pillows are comfortable necessities for the bedroom, providing the support your neck and head need to stay aligned with your spine throughout the night. Sleeping with the wrong pillow is detrimental – your sleep quality could become very poor, potentially affecting your health and the way you go about your day. 

However, since you use them while you’re sleeping, you might not realize everything you leave behind as you lay your head down – dead skin, creepy crawlers, and oil are among several things that make their way to your pillow without you realizing it. So yes, although it might not look like it, it’s best to upgrade your pillows every 1-2 years.

If you’re still skeptical, we have gathered 5 signs to demonstrate why you should be rotating your pillows every couple of years. 

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wrinkle pillow


During our slumber, our bodies transmit various substances into our pillows, such as hair, sweat, face oils, and drool (remember all those mornings you wiped drool off your face? Not so easy to casually wipe off your pillow). You might think your pillowcase traps all the dirt and oil, but there’s only so much it can stop the pillow from absorbing. 

Over time, all of these contents are seeping into your pillow as well, breaking it down until it’s not only dirty, but useless. When you start seeing stains, it’s time to get a replacement!

Poor Sleep Quality

Pillows are meant to provide support to your neck and head, but the part we mainly focus on when buying a pillow is how comfortable it is. Your head will be lying on it for 7-9 hours every night, meaning it absolutely needs to be comfortable, otherwise your sleep quality will worsen significantly, possibly affecting both your mental and physical health.

The bed should be the place where you can recharge and gain energy, resting your body from everything it endures throughout the day. When a pillow is the reason why you’re losing sleep in the middle of the night or feeling groggy, it’s a clear indication that it's no longer serving its purpose. 


As dirty substances seep into your pillow, they break down the material that makes it fluffy and cushioned. As a result, its supportive tendencies no longer function, causing damage to your neck, head, and spine. A lumpy pillow may bunch up in places where support isn’t needed, while a flat, lifeless pillow may not provide any support at all. If your pillow is flat enough to fold without it bouncing back to its original shape, there’s your sign. 

flat pillow

Nose Sensitivity

Waking up with a stuffy nose is uncomfortable, but it might be controllable. Not only does undesirable buildup cause stains, but it also causes irritants to gather up, leaving you with a night of restless sleep, struggling to stop sneezing through the night. When pillows are made of down feathers, they can collect dust and skin flakes, causing stuffy noses and increasing sensitivity. 

If your nose is sensitive, a new pillow made from alternative down or memory foam material might improve your sleep quality significantly. 


Undesirable buildup strikes again. If you noticed your skin is suddenly breaking out, or has worsened your breakouts, the culprit might once again be your pillow. Said undesirable buildup of oil, hair, and sweat, among other matters, can stick to your skin, clogging your pores and aggravating your skin. Oftentimes, you can blame a dirty pillowcase, but if the state of your skin isn't improving, it's time to check your pillow’s expiration date. 

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil