Where Your Money's Really Going When You Buy Expensive Sheets

If you have a fondness for royally soft, plushy sheets, but make, say, an average-person’s amount of money, we have good news. Everything you know about sheet cost and quality is about to be thrown to the wind.

Is expensive really better? 

I’m willing to bet that, right now, you naturally think a higher price means a higher quality product. Who doesn’t! Our entrepreneurial society is fueled by this very belief. Of course, that logic makes sense sometimes, like when a package of freshly imported Gouda costs $20 and immortal Kraft singles cost $2. But when you’re comparing luxury linens to budget-friendly bedding, you might be surprised to learn that the “expensive is better” philosophy actually doesn’t match up with the realities of the bedding industry. Why? Let me explain.

There’s a big problem with the bedding industry’s flow of sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling. To easily understand, imagine a Dole pineapple. Once the pineapple is plucked from the fields, it doesn’t go straight to the grocery store. It goes on a mysterious journey through testing, preserving, branding, and distributing before it gets blended into to your morning smoothie. Whether we’re talking about pineapples or bedding, these “behind-the-scenes” pit-stops are actually what determines the retail price of the product.

If quality doesn't determine price, what does?

Brands have a lot of additional expenses they face in order to sell their product in stores. There’s wholesale retail markups, shelf stocking, sometimes even breakage fees, settlement costs, and their retailer’s in-store marketing. But who pays out of pocket for these fees? Hint: it’s not the brands. To keep profits from dipping, companies raise their prices so that the consumers end up paying way for it. So, consumers are unknowingly paying way more for a product than it’s actually worth. Unfortunately, many companies use the public’s naivete to their advantage. They use a high price tag to disguise their average quality products, knowing we won’t check the facts. As we take a closer look what goes into an expensive set of sheets, we think you’ll concur that while a good night’s sleep is priceless, these marked up fees aren’t worth the extra hundreds:

Branding & Licensing

Companies pay big money to license their designer name in order to profit from mass-manufactured products, like bedding and linens. But here’s the problem: all it takes to turn $80 sheets into $800 sheets is a dishonest company with fancy branding to put their designer stamp (and price tag) on it. That’s right, there can be zero difference in quality, just a product wrapped in luxurious-looking promises.

Retail & Storefronts

The operational costs that come along with having a store or space within a store to sell products are monumental. Consider rent, employees, utilities, and administrative fees to pay each month. To counteract these additional costs, retail prices get marked up and the cost no longer reflects the product itself, but all of the business-related add-ons.

Misleading Labels

You might think descriptive labels, like thread counts, are a trustworthy indicator of quality, but that’s not the case either. Did you know that thread counts were actually created as a marketing tool for bed sheets to convey an elite status? While some high thread count sheets are the best sheets you’ll ever sleep in, a sheet’s softness really comes down to quality of fabric. Thread counts can easily be manipulated and heightened by weaving together strands of poor-quality fabric and then undergoing cheap, harsh production methods. A 250-count thread sheet can be just as (or even more) luxurious as an 800-count thread sheet, as long as the fabric is top-tier quality.

Here's how to skip those added costs. 

The fact is, high quality bed sheets don’t have to cost as much as they do. So how do you decide on the best sheets if price and thread count aren’t trustworthy indicators? That's where we come in. If what you want is resort-style softness for every-night use, you'll fall in love with our accessible, high quality linens. We're able to make our beautiful home essentials at a fair price by cutting out the middleman. We skip those extra costs like wholesale, storefront, and designer licensing fees, to guarantee that all of your money is just going towards the caliber of the bed sheets. 


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Carlos Ordonez

Written by Carlos Ordonez