Mattress Myths You Need to STOP Believing

Mattress Myths You Need to STOP Believing

Sleep一we spend a third of our lives doing it. It’s only right that we invest in the best mattress and bedding so that we can wake up every morning well-rested. There are countless manufacturers online claiming to offer mattresses with amazing benefits, but most claims are actually outdated myths.

In this article, we’ll look into some of the most common mattress myths and what you should look for instead when buying a mattress.

Myth: Mattresses are one-size-fits-all.

mattress myths and facts

Fact: Everyone is built differently, so each person’s mattress should be built differently too! Try to find a bed that fits your sleep preferences, including softness and support. While you can customize your mattress to your needs, there are a few features that you’ll need to find elsewhere. If you’re someone who prefers a cooler night’s sleep, we recommend investing in cooling sheets and pillows. If you get easily irritated by allergens, try to find bamboo bedding that’s hypoallergenic. What your mattress can’t do for you, your bedding typically can.

Myth: You need a box spring base.

myth: box springs are essential for mattresses

Fact: A suitable mattress will support your weight without a box spring base. They used to be necessary in earlier days when mattresses weren’t quite as thick and absorbent as they are now. Today, there’s no need to have anything special below the mattress to absorb shock because the mattress does a good job of that itself.

Myth: Gel memory foam is drastically cooler.

Try bamboo sheets for a cooling effect while sleeping

Fact: Gel foams have become increasingly popular in recent years as manufacturers claim that they have cooling effects. Unfortunately, there is little to no evidence that they contribute to cooler sleep than other materials. On the other hand, a material that is known to help regulate temperature is bamboo fabric. If you’re a night sweater, we recommend trying cooling bamboo sheets to regulate your temperature at night.

Myth: A hard mattress is best for your back.

Back pain caused by hard mattress

Fact: Many people believe that the harder the mattress, the better the support, but the best mattress for your back depends on a lot of factors that vary from person to person. Your spine isn’t naturally straight, so you should be laying in a bed that has a little give to allow your back to lay in its naturally curved position. A hard mattress is great for side sleepers, but if you sleep on your back or side, you’ll want to look for less firm mattresses or use a pillow for back support.

Myth: You should flip your mattress every few months to keep it even.

flip your mattress once a year to keep it even

Fact: Most mattresses today are one-sided, which means that only one side is meant to be slept on. Although, we do recommend rotating your mattress every year or so to minimize body impressions in your bed.

Myth: You do not need to clean your mattress if it has a mattress protector.

Fact: Mattress protectors are a great investment that protects your mattress against dirt, debris, and allergens, but they, unfortunately, can’t prevent wear from sleeping on the mattress every night. Regardless, a mattress protector is still a great way to make sure your mattress stays looking brand new for as long as possible.

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