How to Put on a Duvet Cover Correctly

How to Put on a Duvet Cover Correctly

Putting a duvet cover on your comforter can be complicatedespecially the first time around. Our visual guide will help you confidently put on your duvet cover while supporting you in leveling up your bedspread for ultimate comfort. 

Step 1

Lay your duvet cover flat on the bed inside out.

Step 2

Lay your comforter evenly on top of the duvet cover

Step 3

Most duvet covers come with duvet ties located inside the cover at each corner. Attach the duvet loop located on the comforter to the duvet tie. Tie together. This will prevent your comforter from moving around inside the duvet cover. 

Step 4

Find the open end of the duvet cover and reach inside to pull the far two end corners inside out. 

Step 5

Button or zip the open end of the duvet cover close. It will vary spending on the type of duvet cover you have. 

Step 6

Fluff your duvet cover to make sure the comforter is evenly spread.

Becoming an expert at putting on a duvet cover will take take practice, but don't worry, it's not a science. You can do it! Shop our Luxury Bamboo Duvet Cover Set today.  

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