Don't buy Pillows till you read this!

Don't buy Pillows till you read this!

Want to zap away blemishes, muscle aches, allergies, night sweats, and stress in one move? Here are 5 reasons you need a naturally smart pillow.

How do you really feel about the pillow on your bed? Does it caress your head perfectly and lull you to sleep every night? No? Well, it should! Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause more than a neck ache - it can cause acne, muscle and joint pain, allergies, night sweats, and stress.

You wouldn’t camp in the mountains or attempt hot yoga without the right gear. So why do we slack on getting the right bed accessories for premium sleep? Personally, I used to blame my budget for buying a “whatever-pillow”. I told myself I’d be splurging if I bought myself a pillow over $30. And then I learned the sneaky ways that my sub-par pillow was costing me my health and happiness in the long run. Surprisingly, there are lots of side effects that we categorize as “normal” that can be easily fixed with the right pillow! Although personal preference plays a huge part, doctors agree that your pillow should be supportive yet comfortable, hypoallergenic, and cooling. I found that only certain types of pillows tick all four boxes. If you experience any of the symptoms below, your pillow might be the culprit. But, fear not: I’ve discovered a (super comfortable and inexpensive) pillow-solution that will solve each and every problem below!

1. Blemishes and Clogged Pores

Pillows accumulate dirt. Like a sponge, they soak up all of the dirt, oil, sweat, and dead skin/hair cells that we leave behind every night. When your pillow is an environment ridden with oil & dirt, this can cause blemishes and poor complexion. Luckily picking the correct pillow can eliminate this problem to give you clearer, healthier skin.

2. Muscle Aches & Pains

Pillows have a big job: to prevent and alleviate aches and pains by supporting and aligning the upper body. You might never have given it much thought, but pillows work by counterbalancing your full body weight to relieve pressure from the head, neck, back, and hip joints for repair and restoration from the day’s wear and tear. This is exactly why a good pillow is so important! I’ve discovered the perfect pillow for ultimate support that’s not too firm, not too soft, and perfect for all types of sleepers!

3. Allergies

Allergy sufferers know that there’s no time for shut-eye when your sneezing, coughing, congestion, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat are keeping you awake. And like I mentioned, pillows are the ultimate breeding ground for non-living allergens that make symptoms a lot worse. Pillows frequently harbor dust & pollen, the biggest indoor non-living allergen.

4. Night Sweats

Our head gives off more heat than any other part of the body and it sweats a lot overnight. Fortunately, breathable and thermal-regulating pillows can help sweaty sleepers wake up feeling fresher. I’ve found that certain pillows have zero breath-ability, trapping the heat under my head and neck, while others allow for maximum airflow - keeping me crisp and deeply asleep. I’ve discovered the perfect cool pillow that is as breathable as it is comfortable - read on!

5. Stress

How do you feel when you wake up sweaty after a night of tossing and turning, with a killer sinus headache and achy muscles all over - oh, and few new pimples that aren’t quite ready to pop? A tad stressed out? I thought so. Who could blame us! Fear not - choosing the right pillow will help eliminate all of these problems so you can wake up feeling refreshed and de-stressed from every night’s rest.

And without further adieu…. My golden discovery is here to save your night!

I found a company on Amazon top 100 Sellers list called Cosy House Collection. I’ve become a huge fan of their pillows because they’re made with technologically-advanced material that’s designed to help you sleep healthfully! They’re also insanely affordable ($39 for a Queen pillow or $69 for 2). Remember the doctor’s orders I mentioned earlier? Cosy House’s Luxury Bamboo Pillow meets all three standards: supportive yet comfortable, hypoallergenic,  and cooling. I ordered the Luxury Bamboo Pillow in Size Queen and, seriously, I wanted to marry this pillow as soon as I laid my head down on it. You might be wondering: what the heck is a bamboo foam pillow? Cosy House describes theirs as triple-layered *smart memory foam encased in a protective bamboo fabric shell that helps the pillow breathe and stay cool. I was excited to learn that Cosy House’s memory foam is 100% FREE of Formaldehyde, ozone depletes, flame retardants, and other toxins (which apparently most memory foam pillows contain!!).

Can I tell you the best part? I actually wake up feeling healthy in my body, free of aches and pains, happier, and my skin has cleared up! Even my friends and peers have started telling me that my mood has improved. I’m finally able to get better rest and I think that’s showcasing itself in a lot of great ways. I’ve also noticed that my chronic sinus headaches and joint pain have stopped. The Cosy House website says their pillows are designed to give the correct support, cushion, and elevation to induce deep sleep, so I guess poor support in my previous pillow is what was causing my issues in the first place. My allergies are also 99% gone! It’s amazing what changing your pillow can do for your well-being. If I had known that my pillow was contributing to my skin issues, allergies, and stress, I would have invested in better pillows years ago!

It’s been a little over a month since I first purchased this pillow and I can confidently say that I’ll be a customer for life. I just ordered a few more for the guest room, too - they’re honestly perfect because I don’t have to spend a fortune for my family to love spending the night.


Honestly, Cosy House’s Luxury Bamboo Pillow felt like it should cost more than it did - but I’m not complaining! I contacted Cosy House to see how they’re able to sell their pillows for such a reasonable price and their sweet customer service representative got back to me just minutes later. He described Cosy House’s mission as this:

They’re able to make and sell beautiful home essentials at a wholesale level price by cutting out the costly middlemen. Did you know that the average retail markup is 4x more expensive than the product’s really worth? Cosy House decided to skip those crazy costs like wholesale, storefront, and designer licensing fees, to guarantee that all of their asking prices are going towards the quality of the products and nothing else.

Consider me sold! I also learned that their products are designed and shipped from Clearwater, Florida by the company themselves. They’re a family-owned and operated company who’s been crafting luxurious bedding and bedding accessories for decades and now only use Amazon and their online store to sell their products. I highly recommend trying Cosy House for pillows that will improve your health and make you feel well rested! The Luxury Bamboo Pillows are up to 65% OFF right now and they do sell out fast - so act fast! I hope changing your pillow helps you as much as it did me.


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Monet Moore

Written by Monet Moore

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