Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Skincare and hygiene products can be hard to keep from cluttering, especially with limited storage space around the sink and in the shower. Luckily, many manufacturers have created unique and innovative products that help you create more storage space. But, with so many products available online, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your time and money. That’s why we created a shortlist of the best bathroom storage ideas to maximize your space and declutter your life!


storage hooks for bathroom

Oftentimes, you have more wall space than physical storage space. That’s why hooks are a great option for storing towels, robes, and other items that can be hung. Hooks come in a large variety of options, from over-the-door hooks to stick-on hooks. 

Storage Ladder

A storage ladder is a great way to make use of the narrow space available to hold towels and other items. Better yet, it doesn’t need to be assembled or screwed into the wall. Simply lean it against the wall and place whatever items need to be stored on the shelves!

Mirrored Cabinets

mirrored medicine cabinet

When you have little storage space, a mirror can actually double as a cabinet. Simply install a cabinet above your sink and place a mirror in front of it with adhesive or screws. Then, you can easily tuck away your hygienic products so they’re hidden while still within easy reach.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a great way to neatly organize products and keep them hidden away. Not only are they a great organizational tool, but they also look great neatly stacked in your bathroom.

Storage Caddies

Finally, a well-known bathroom tool is the shower caddy for storing shampoo and body washes in showers with limited space. We recommend using a caddy that has removable suction cups to easily stick it onto the shower wall without causing any damage to the wall. However, some caddies feature suction cups that don’t stay in place for long periods of time.

cosy house bathroom storage caddy

Luckily, Cosy House’s Bath & Shower Caddy features super-strong suction cups that hold up to 22 lbs of products! Not only are they sturdy, but they also resist mold and bacteria with slotted shelves. Click here to try it out for yourself today.

Give your bathroom the time and space it deserves with these awesome space-saving tools!

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