Cosy Day is Coming Soon — And These Are Our Employees’ Favorites!

Cosy Day is Coming Soon — And These Are Our Employees’ Favorites!

You heard it here first - Cosy Day is better than Black Friday. That’s because, on Cosy Day, you’re in for some seriously snuggly specials, deals, and offers that were all created to give you the best products for the very best prices.

We want to show you some love and appreciation for choosing us, so we’ll be offering you savings you don’t want to miss. That means NOW is the time to sign up for our emails so you'll be notified when the sale goes live! 

To help give you some inspiration for your Cosy Day shopping spree, we interviewed a handful of our Cosy House fam and learned more about their favorite Cosy products. Keep reading to see why they love their Cosy go-to's so much. 

The Luxury Pillow

Sas, Social Influencer Manager 

“The Luxury Pillow is the latest addition to my bedroom and I cannot get enough of it! I love the adjustable memory foam filling and I actually ended up taking a couple of handfuls out after a few test sleeps — now it's absolutely perfect to my liking. I sleep so much more comfortably now!”

Jules, Graphic Designer 

“I used to sleep with 4 flat, floppy pillows that I'd have to fold in half to be comfortable. It sounds cliche, but the Cosy Luxury Pillow changed the way that I sleep! I love that it's soft enough to keep my neck comfortable, but still firm (unlike my wimpy pillows of the past). It's my go-to gift for friends and family now.”

Luxury Sheets

David, Videographer 

“I love the Luxury Sheets. I'm a warm sleeper so the Cosy House Luxury Sheets are now a must for me. They keep me cooler than any other sheet set I have owned in the past. I probably won't buy any other sheets ever again!”

Fleece Blanket

Darla, Director of Social Content and Creative

“The Cosy Fleece Blanket is my favorite! The King/Cal King size does not move from my couch at all. It is the perfect snuggle throw for two! The soft, plush material has held up through several washes, and the color does not fade. We absolutely love this blanket.”

Sam, Research and Content Manager

“During my pregnancy, this has been my Cosy Support Blanket. Since it is so soft and lightweight, it was perfect for when I got random hot flashes or just wanted something extra to cuddle up with. Besides, the size alone is perfect, seeing as my Great Dane never leaves my side—we both fit under it!”

Weighted Blanket

Alex, Ad Content Manager 

“I'm an anxious gal and our weighted blanket is my best pal whenever I feel a little on edge. It's just heavy enough to feel comforting, but not so heavy that you'll feel strangled. It’s like cuddling up to a warm, snuggly hug every night. I’m obsessed.”

The Luxury Comforter

Marge, Content Writer 

“When we say our bedding is cooling and super breathable, we really mean it’s cooling and super breathable. I’m a gal who loves to cuddle her pup, so I have always struggled with getting overheated. This comforter has become an essential part of my sleeping routine because it keeps me cool all night so I don’t have to sacrifice snuggling up to my big floofer Hound. Not to mention it’s mega plush and soft. It’s giving 15/10, ya’ll.” 

All Natural Wool Dryer Balls

Mark, Manager of Social Creative

“I love our dryer balls! I used to spend a lot of money buying dryer sheets every few weeks until I found out about the benefits of using wool dryer balls instead. They typically last up to 3 years, saving me money and time. They’re way better at separating clothes, they’re static free, and they help decrease drying time up to 30%. They even make a great dog toy when I can’t use them for laundry loads anymore!”

What are some Cosy Deals you’re looking forward to? What are your personal Cosy House faves - who do you share a fave with from our list? Let us know! The Cosy community would love to hear from you.

Happy Cosy Day and happy saving, Cosy lovers! 

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Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes