Body Pillows: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

Body Pillows: Answering Your Most Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Time to get to know your body pillow!

A body pillow is a long, cylindrical pillow that is designed to be hugged or used to support the body while sleeping. These unique pillows are versatile, comfortable, and plush, and can be used for a variety of purposes like improving sleep quality, reducing pain, or simply relaxing.

If you are curious about body pillows, keep reading to get all your questions answered. From the proper sleeping positions to easy care instructions, we’ve got you covered.

What types of sleepers should use body pillows?

The best body pillows are designed for every body, no matter size or height. Body pillows should be versatile, with generous sizing and plushness. Who would benefit from such a pillow? Let’s take a look:

  • Side & Back Sleepers: These are two of the most common sleeping positions. Place the pillow between your knees to help keep the spine aligned, or behind your back to provide support and comfort.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Sleeping on the stomach can cause a lot of unnecessary strain on the spine and neck. Place the pillow lengthwise along the body, with one end under the stomach and the other end under the head, or experiment with different positions to find one most comfortable.
  • Pregnant Women: Mama to be? Body pillows support the back, belly, hips, and legs, which can help to relieve pain and discomfort, improve circulation, and especially help in the later stages of pregnancy as the body changes.
  • People With Back Pain: Ever wake up feeling stiff, sore, and exhausted from back pain? Body pillows are your new cuddly companion. They can improve spinal alignment and keep the body in a more natural position during sleep, helping to reduce back pain.
  • People With Sensitivities: Stuffy nose? Enter: Hypoallergenic body pillows. These pillows are made from materials that naturally stay fresh and resist common household non-living allergens, making them gentle on sensitive noses.
  • Tossers & Turners: If you frequently change positions while sleeping and disrupt your sleep, you’ll want to consider a body pillow. They can help to reduce tossing and turning by providing extra support and comfort.

    What is the best sleeping position with a body pillow?

    Side sleepers—we’re looking at you.

    Did you know that the majority of adults are side sleepers? [1] Although it ultimately comes down to personal preference, body pillows are a must-have for those of us snoozing on our side. 

    Body pillows benefit side sleepers by conforming to the body and helping align the head, neck, and spine. Proper alignment and a healthy curve to the spine during the night are key to painless, supportive, and comfortable sleep.

    Follow these simple steps for the best way to sleep with your body pillow:

    1. Put the body pillow on top of your bed, lengthwise.
    2. Lay down on your side. Cradle the body pillow between your legs.
    3. Make sure to place your legs on the body pillow so that they are stacked parallel to one another (this healthily aligns your pelvis, hips, and spine).

      Why do some people sleep with a body pillow? 

      What you’ve heard is true—body pillows are good for you. Sleepers worldwide use body pillows for a little extra relaxation, warmth, and solace while sleeping. They’re also used for:

      • Support: Body pillows can provide support for the back, neck, and limbs. This can help to reduce pain and discomfort, which can lead to less tossing and turning.
      • Comfort: Body pillows can be used to create a comfortable sleeping environment. They can be placed between the legs, behind the back, or under the arm. Some people even use them for sitting, reading, or supporting the body while watching TV, playing games, and so much more.
      • Weight: Body pillows can provide a sense of security and weight, which can be helpful for people who have trouble sleeping.
      • Positioning: Body pillows can be used to position the body more naturally and comfortably.

      Hugging and cuddling a body pillow at night also offers sleepers a variety of health benefits, like:

      • Improved sleep quality
      • Reduced snoring
      • Reduced stress and anxiety
      • Improved posture
      • Pregnancy support
      • Pressure relief on joints & muscles

      Curious to learn more about the many benefits body pillows have to offer (because, yes, there are so many more perks than just the ones mentioned above)? Click here to read more!

      How do I care for a body pillow?

      Body pillows are made from a variety of materials, including memory foam, down, and polyester. However, the best body pillows are made with a unique blend of bamboo derived from viscose and polyester for super simple cleaning and maintenance. 

      Most body pillows do not do well in the washing machine. Their traditional (and, let’s face it, outdated) materials become less-than-cuddly if washed too often and have a hard time standing up to even just a gentle cycle. Instead, look for body pillows crafted with a hypoallergenic bamboo viscose cover that is removable and machine washable.

      The ideal bamboo viscose body pillows adhere to the following care instructions: 

      • Bamboo viscose cover: Machine wash in cool water on a normal cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Do not use chlorine bleach or iron.
      • Polyester pillow & filling: Spot clean only with mild detergent and air dry away from direct sunlight or heat. Do not machine wash or dry. 

        How big should a body pillow be?

        Body pillows on the market today come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one for you can get a little confusing. One thing to keep in mind when searching for the perfect body pillow is that it should always have a thick loft to keep your head high and aligned with your spine. 

        Another thing to consider is the shape of the pillow. Rectangular body pillows are the ideal shape because they are versatile, ultra-comfortable, and more affordable than other types. 

        To achieve that incredibly soft yet maximum support effect, body pillows should measure right around the sweet spot of 54” x 20”. This way, the body pillow can conform specifically to you, giving you full-body support and the unmatched feeling of sleeping on a cloud. 

        Where can I find a body pillow that does it all?

        No matter what your needs are, there is a body pillow out there made with you in mind so you can get a good night's sleep and improve your overall health. But, where is this body pillow? Right here!

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        Marge Hynes

        Written by Marge Hynes