7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

As fall approaches, we have to prepare our homes to make the most out of the season. For many people, fall tends to be the #1 favorite season, for its color-changing leaves and cooler air. Not only does preparation involve decorations and delicious foods, but also getting your home ready for the changing weather.

Think about it: Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin spice lattes, taking your boots and coat out of the closet… fall has all the festivities to make it a very enjoyable time of the year. However, not preparing your home for the changes may cause you some inconveniences. 

But don't worry! Luckily, we’ve gathered 7 ways you can prepare your home to not only avoid setbacks, but to have a wonderful season. Keep reading to find out more! 

Reverse Ceiling Fan

A lot of people are not aware that the direction your ceiling fan flows is crucial to the feeling of its space. A fan’s original setting is to bring cool air down into the space it's in, allowing the user to escape any heat from the spring and summer months. However, as the weather starts to cool down, there is no purpose for blowing more cool air into your home– in fact, it's very uncomfortable. 

Therefore, fans have a reverse setting, allowing them to blow air upwards so that the warm air by the ceiling can make its way down below. Leave the cold air outside as soon as you step into your home! 

Invest in Quality Bedding and Blankets

Although cooler weather is refreshing after the scorching summer months, it can be uncomfortable to feel cold in your own home. You can bring out your fuzzy socks and your warmest sweater and still fall short trying to stay warm. 

But don't fret! A top-favorite fall activity is snuggling up to watch movies, and what better way to snuggle up than with a cozy blanket? The Cosy House Everyday Fleece Blanket is the perfect fall companion - here’s why: 

The Everyday Fleece Blanket is made with extra plush microfiber polyester and a fleece finish, to ensure softness and warmth all year long. Its hypoallergenic material wards off common household non-living allergens– perfect for those with sensitive noses around the change in season. 

If you’re looking for an even warmer alternative, Cosy House’s Luxury Down Alternative Comforter is the perfect addition to keep you warm in bed. Its polyester fill is designed to resemble the softness of a feather down, with bamboo viscose and microfiber material to provide warmth and wick away moisture without causing night sweats. Enjoy your autumn night comfortably cuddled through the night!

halloween decor

Make Decorations

Fall isn’t quite in full-swing until the pumpkins are out and the leaves have changed colors. But why should the decorations be limited to public spaces? Bring the feeling of fall right into your home with decorations. Whether it be Halloween jack-o-lanterns or dried leaf garlands, decorations bring a certain joy to your living spaces that will make you appreciate the season even more. 

To make the holidays a bit more fun, you can gather your loved ones to hand-make the decorations for your home. This way, not only will your home be filled with holiday decorations, but they’ll have a personal meaning to everyone.

Stock up on Fall Foods

Food is arguably one of the most important aspects of autumn. Halloween candy is sold everywhere, and every family is trying to get their turkey on time. To get ready for the season and avoid last-minute trips to the store, try stocking up on as much food as you can ahead of time. For Thanksgiving dinner, you can purchase every ingredient that comes from a can a few weeks in advance. This way you won’t be taking any risks at the store and your dinner is guaranteed to have everything it needs! 

Additionally, aside from the actual Thanksgiving dinner, fall foods include classics such as hot apple cider, pumpkin bread, apple pie, and mac & cheese. Keep these cravings ready to go in your home and enjoy the taste of fall whenever you want! 

Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney 

As October and November start to roll in, you might want to turn on the fireplace, whether it be to simply stay warm or to make delicious smores. But if you really think about it… when was the last time you used the fireplace? After a solid 8 months without cold weather, it is bound to have gathered all kinds of undesirable buildup, from dust to harmful ashes. Additionally, if your chimney does not seal, there is a high possibility for animals to nest in the chimney or even enter your home, bringing in all sorts of unwanted matter. 

To avoid the risk of any of these factors making their way into your home, we have gathered a few tips on how to clean your chimney and fireplace so you can enjoy the flames without any dangers (other than the actual open flame):

  • If you have an electric fireplace, turn off the valve
  • Cover your surrounding furniture to avoid damage
  • Check inside the chimney for any animals or nests
  • Remove and clean screens (brush and rinse for better results)
  • Remove ashes and dust from the fireplace (as well as any wood from the last use– you want all of your materials to be brand new)
  • Get new wood and enjoy the fire!


Clean Gutters

The most prominent aspect of fall is the changing of the leaves. Its yellow, orange, and red colors embody the season, changing the environment entirely. However, there is a not-so-fun aspect of leaves that exhausts every home during the season: the gutters. 

Once the leaves have fallen and the rain starts to pour, it might be too late. To prevent the leaves from clogging the gutters, make sure to clean them thoroughly before the season starts, as well as every week or two to prevent further buildup. This not only prevents clogging, but also water damage to the walls and foundation of your home. 

Apply Lawn Fertilizer

As the weather gets colder, just as the leaves begin to die, the grass also gets affected by the seasonal changes. If you would like to keep your grass from dying or growing weeds during the winter and spring months, applying fertilizer during the fall is the safest bet. The morning dew during September and October provides the best environment for fertilizer, allowing for it to really be absorbed by the lawn. Get ahead of the tough weather and be prepared to fertilize this fall!

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From snuggling with a soft blanket to pumpkin carving, the fall season is anticipated every year for the special feeling it brings. With these tips, you can be prepared to welcome and enjoy the season with all that it has to offer! 

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil