6 Quick and Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

6 Quick and Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Love is in the air and your bedroom wants in on the intimacy. Creating a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom is all about simplicity and intention. What colors make you feel most comfortable? 

What aromas entice your senses? Is it your goal to create an intimate space for you and your partner to feel connected and free? Once you decided on the intention of your romantic bedroom you can add one or two new additions that will help you easily romanticize the most intimate space in your home. 


Canopy drapes were first inspired by the need for privacy and warmth in medieval times. Today, canopy drapes are typically on the lighter side, but still serves as a great idea for privacy if you and your partner have little ones running in and out of your room. It also gives a sultry “come into bed and get cozy” feel that can help to set the mood and relax the mind from outside noise so you can go within. 


For you, having the right lighting in your bedroom may be all you need to set the mood. Go for ambient lighting to help illuminate your atmosphere. You can create this effect with candles (even better if they are scented with your favorite fragrance), indoor lanterns, dim light bulbs, or LED fairy lights. If you're aiming for a bit of romance during the day, get sun-blocking shades, and voila sun up or down ambient lighting will regain supreme in your bedroom. 



There’s something so romantic about arrangements of flowers thoughtfully placed throughout the home. Include a couple of flower arrangements in your bedroom décor to help to elevate the mood and to add a pop of color. To liven up the romance aspect, go for big flower arrangements that scream look at me.


Minimal with Gold Tones

A 2005 study reveled that voluntary simplifiers (minimalist) manifest more positive emotion and well-being. Turning your bedroom into minimal oasis is more than romantic, it’s great for your health. The color gold is associated with wisdom, magic, and ideas of love so combining minimalist and gold accents in your bedroom can help romanize your space and uplift your well being. 

Blush and Neutral Tones 

Now you don’t want to go overboard with the blush accents, but a little here and there can help with the romantic factor in your bedroom. Blush is a great color to help infuse a feeling of affection and support into your space. The neutral tones will contribute to a sense of calm. 


Cozy Bedroom Seating For Two 

Romance is all about connection. Bedroom chairs can create a space in your bedroom that encourages intimate conversations and activities shared among two individuals that support deeper levels of intimacy.         

It doesn't take much to add a little romance into your bedroom. Don’t overthink it. Just go with what feels good to you.

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