5 Things Well-Rested People Keep Out Of Their Bedrooms

How you set up your room can make or break a good night’s sleep. It’s not rocket science, but most of us tend to overlook the small but significant details that make our bedrooms conducive to sleep. It’s the place we go to escape the busy, outside world and restore ourselves. It’s also the space where we spend the most time at home - even if we’re sleeping for most of those hours or just vegging out really hard. The sounds, smells, lights, textures, and colors of the room deeply impress us, even as we’re snoozing.

So, it’s important to choose bedroom décor that supports night-long serenity and keep out things that deteriorate it. Here are 5 things to take out of your bedroom tonight to help you get quality shut-eye:

Traditional Rugs

Who among us can get a good night’s sleep when they’re deeply congested? You might think it’s just seasonal allergies, but common household non-living allergens could be a culprit. Keeping your floor space free of allergens doesn’t have to mean going rug-less. Instead, opt for a hypoallergenic rug that resists common non-living allergens while adding style to your sleep space.

Mismatched Color Schemes

If your bedroom’s color palette is all over the place, that may be contributing to your insomnia. Create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself by choosing balanced color hues that compliment each other.

We’ve found that cohesive color palettes set a mood you can really snooze to, whereas a lot of bold colors all at once is energizing. Choosing your color scheme doesn’t have to be boring. Allow for one pop of color you love to keep things light-hearted: whether it’s beautiful bed sheets, the wall color, or throw pillows. And let the rest of the room be conducive for tranquility.


You knew this was coming, right? In recent years, scientists have concluded that using technology in the 30 minutes before bed messes with our brain’s ability to shut down for sleep.* It’s time to make your bedroom a no-screen zone (this includes smart phones, TVs, computers, laptops, iPads, and Smart Watch, too). Instead of scrolling through Facebook in the wee hours of the night, try picking up a book or doing a relaxing meditation to get in the right head space. We love this app for a mental wind-down before bed!

A Poorly-Placed Bed

Another way to promote harmony and relaxation in your bedroom is to place your bed so you can see the entry doorway when you’re laying down. The ancient art of Feng Shui tells us that your bed placement affects your thoughts and dreams.* For example, the “command position” (described above) promotes positive feelings of security and safety, perfect for promoting sleep. However, if your bed is in direct alignment with the door and your feet line up with the door’s center, it’s believed to bring unhealthy energy.

So, aim for the first! It’s also bad Feng Shui to have clutter under your bed. If you currently use your under-bed space as storage, consider clearing that out for well-rested chi (energy).

Heat-Trapping Bed Sheets

Sleeping with a cooler core temperature will give you a better night’s sleep. According to science, the cold actually helps your body produce melatonina hormone that tells your brain and body it’s time to sleep (and promotes anti-aging).*

Before you set your A/C to full blast at night, try bamboo viscose fabric cooling sheets that let your body breathe while keeping you comfortable. We’re a big fan of bamboo viscose fabric because it keeps you crispy cool while cozily covered. It’s one of the most breathable, stretchable, and lightweight fabrics on the market and is rising in popularity because it is also hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and so much more.

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Carlos Ordonez

Written by Carlos Ordonez