5 Simple Tricks for Upgrading Your Guest Room for the Holidays (2022 Edition)

5 Simple Tricks for Upgrading Your Guest Room for the Holidays (2022 Edition)

Prepping for a visit from friends and family this holiday season? The first rule of thumb - making your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Providing all the necessities for your guests to feel like they’re staying at a five-star resort doesn’t have to break the bank. 

We’ve gone ahead and given you five of the easiest ways to upgrade your guest room for the holidays so you save money and give your guests a relaxing vacation oasis. 

Upgrade the Bedding & Curtains

You can provide your guests with some extra privacy by choosing window coverings that are aesthetically pleasing while also having some extra light control. If your guests love extra natural light (we’re sure they will), they can always move the drapes or coverings at their leisure. 

You will also want to upgrade the bedding in your guest room. High-quality bedding that lasts a long time and resists wear and tear is a guest room necessity. That’s where the machine washable, durable, and hypoallergenic Cosy House Luxury Collection comes into play. You want your guests to get a hotel-grade, blissful sleep when they’re in your home. 

Luxury Bed Sheets are made with Cosy House’s unique bamboo viscose & polyester blend, which stays cooler than traditional sheets and carries thermal-regulating properties that balance the body’s temperature as you sleep, so your guests will always wake up feeling refreshed and clean during their stay. 

Supply Extra Linens

Accidents are inevitable. Make sure your guest room is ready to tussle with unexpected messes by keeping extra linens stored in the closet or under the bed. Luckily, if you’re opting for Cosy House’s Luxury Sheets, stains come out quickly in the wash so you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning your linens. You will always want to have extra sheets, pillowcases, and other various silky soft beddings ready for messes and for when it’s time for your guests to leave.

If you want to add even more comfort to your guest room, we recommend leaving the Everyday Fleece Blanket on top of the comforter of the bed as a decorative and versatile throw. The luxurious softness of Cosy House’s 100% microfiber polyester fabric is unmatched, and it also stays cleaner for longer. Being both easy to care for and resistant to common non-living household allergens, these fleece blankets are the best choice for hosting your guests. 

You will also need to provide a few extra bath towels and hand towels for your guests. If you want to impress your guests, it’s a great idea to have Cosy House Foaming Hand Soap filled up and ready to use in your guest bathroom, too. Our soap allows for a fresh and clean resort-style experience for your guests. Made with premium, gentle ingredients, Cosy House soap leaves your guests with cleaner hands, a sweet and subtle Tea Tree scent, and a super soft feel. 

Make Some Extra Space

Your guests should have a comfortable place to sit besides just the bed, like a side chair or an upholstered loveseat. A side table and lamp also pair great with extra seating in any room. While you’re making more room to sit, you should also be making room for your guests’ bags and suitcases. Clear out some space to install a luggage rack, or make room for a bench or table that a suitcase can be placed on, so your guests don’t have to stoop to the floor to grab some clean underwear. 

Keep Things Bright 

Not providing enough natural light can hinder overall comfort (dark rooms aren’t exactly comfortable and inviting). Natural light doesn’t only mean opening the curtains or the window. The color of the guest room is just as important. Some colors are more inviting than others and do a better job of reflecting light. For example, white is a great color for bedrooms because it reflects light, brightening up the room and making it appear larger. You also can’t go wrong with other bright colors like turquoise, cream, or sage green. You can mix colors or stick to one basic color. You don’t have to repaint the entire bedroom before your guests arrive - choose furniture, bedding, and other decorum that plays with the brightening color scheme you’ve chosen for your guest room. 

Help Guests Stay Connected 

Your guests will most likely want to know what the WIFI password in your home is. Instead of shouting across the house asking for usernames and passwords, write down your WIFI information and leave it somewhere visible in the guest room. You can write it on a notepad and leave it on the nightstand, or purchase an aesthetically pleasing chalkboard that hangs on the wall. A desk, chair, and good lamp also come into play here - if your guests have their laptops and need to get work done, these extra pieces are invaluable. 

Clear the Decks & Deep Clean

Deep clean before your guests arrive - vacuum, dust, disinfect, and declutter. Wipe down all surfaces. Clear out the closet and drawers for even more storage space. Spray the bedding with a light spritz of Cosy House Lavender Linen Spray to freshen up linens with gentle ingredients that leave a soothing scent behind. You want to have more space so your guest room is warm, open, and welcoming. The less clutter, the better your guests will feel. 

You can also supply six to eight hangers and some hooks for hanging hats, bags, and robes. If you wouldn’t find it in a hotel room, don’t put it in your guest room. Keep your vinyl collection or your heavy winter coats in a different room. 

You’ll only want to supply the essentials in your guest room, like a lighted clock next to the bed, an alarm clock or clock/radio, paper and pens, scissors, tape, tissues, and a hairdryer. You can even provide some pleasant, light reading at hand for your guests like five-minute mysteries, travel books, magazines, classic novels, or the local paper.

Need more inspiration for your guest’s home away from home? Check out what else the Cosy House Collection has to offer by clicking here. With Cosy House, you’ll be able to treat your guests to quality essentials without breaking your budget, and do it all with style and ease. 

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Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes