4 Secrets to a Gorgeous Bedroom

Chances are, you've walked into a bedroom, either in someone’s home or even Ikea, and fell in love with how well everything fit together. Maybe it even sparked feelings of relaxation or joy for you. Did you know having a well-designed bedroom serves a bigger purpose than looking good? It promotes better rest, success, happiness, and togetherness in your life. All good things- but how do we do this without hiring an interior designer? Good news, putting together your dream bedroom is actually easier than it looks! We’re sharing the top four interior design hacks that’ll bring out your inner Joanna Gaines and give you a bedroom you’ll love spending time in.

Be Symmetrical

Symmetrical spaces are more peaceful than asymmetrical spaces. If you struggle going to sleep at night, it could be because your room is out of alignment. To achieve perfect symmetry, start by finding the focal point of your bedroom. This is where the eye is first drawn in the room and where the main function of the room exists (usually the bed). Place furniture, say matching nightstands and lamps, of equal weight and height on both sides of the bed. Tip: make sure your furniture is equal distance away from the bed! This might take a couple of tries before you get things in balance, but it’s crucial to get it exact.


Pick The Right Color Palette

What is your favorite color bed sheet that you imagine yourself retreating to at the end of the day? If you don’t know where to start, here’s a helpful hint: choose three neutral / earth tones that play well together. Choose ones in a similar shade, but of different saturation. Then, add in a pastel accent color that makes you feel at peace or throw in a bright pop of color if that’s more your style. Here’s an example color palette that always feels luxurious:


Add Visual Interest With Texture and Shape

Now, we add visual interest to the room. Introduce a large or small element that has a distinct texture and shape. For fabrics, you can mix patterned accent pillows with shiny smooth velvet throw pillows for a luxe and lived-in look. For furniture and accessories, think about mixing straight-edged metals like chrome and steel with curvy, earth-derived materials like wood and stone.


 Mix & Match Styles

It’s time to put away the rule-book. Mixing and matching styles helps a room feel alive and stops it from being stuffy. If most of your furniture is traditional, add a rare, modern piece. Or, if all of your accessories are industrial-themed, add a natural element like wood or real houseplants to keep the style comfortable.


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