10 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

10 Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Things have already begun to heat up outside, but that’s no reason to let the high temps of summertime keep you from doing the activities that you love. Need some ideas on how to beat the heat? Look no further - you’ve come to the right place. 

Keep reading to learn more about staying cool this summer. 

Keep it Simple, Keep it Shady

This one might seem self-explanatory, but it really can come in handy. Find a cool, shady spot to sit under. A large umbrella, leafy tree, or even a long awning are easy ways to cool off while you’re out and about. 

We recommend sticking with a shady tree. Why? The shade from trees is cooler than the shade from man-made objects due to transpiration [6]. 

Vitamin C: It Keeps You Cool

A study done in Alabama found that vitamin C can be helpful in raising the body’s tolerance for higher temperatures [3]. Another study found that it can also help keep body temperature from elevating during exposure to heat [4]. Not only that, but vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for the human body. You can start by adding vitamin C to your daily dose of supplements through a multivitamin, or by eating more vitamin C-rich foods like:

  • Red peppers
  • Orange juice
  • Kiwifruits
  • Green peppers
  • Strawberries
  • Brussels sprout

Wet Towels & Sunscreen

Going outside for the day? If you’re looking for something easy and quick, try our cooler hack. Fill your cooler with ice, or bring an insulated lunchbox with some ice packs, and stash your sunscreen inside. When you need to reapply sunscreen, grab it out of your cooler, and it will provide a cooling effect for your overheated body. 

You can also store a wet towel in your cooler to bring your body temperature down when you’re out in the sun. All you have to do is dab your towel along your temple and anywhere else needed, then place it back in the cooler to be reused. 

We recommend our Luxury Towels, which, unlike traditional towels, dry quickly and stay fresh, ensuring your towel is ready when you need it.

Minty Fresh

Did you know that your favorite minty beverage could actually help you cool down? Mint leaves contain a compound called menthol, which creates a sensation of coolness in the human body [1]. Menthol has even been used in cold therapies for muscle and joint pain relief - fast-acting gels are the best for providing cooling, deep penetrating pain relief. 

We recommend brewing some peppermint tea or your other favorite minty concoction in the morning. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before sipping on it when you need something to cool off with throughout the day. You’ll be hydrated, too!

Bedding that Keeps the Heat at Bay

Yes, there’s such a thing as summer bedding must-haves. Bedding that is cool, crisp, and airy is essential for the summer months, especially when you’re trying to beat the heat. Did you know there’s bedding out there that helps regulate body temperature while you sleep? 

And you can find it all at Cosy House.

Check out some of our summertime faves:

  • Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheets — Our sheets are made with a premium bamboo viscose blend that naturally regulates body temperature and wicks away excess heat for a cooling effect each and every night.
  • Cosy House Luxury Pillowcases - Our pillowcases are not only gentle on your skin, but also designed to wick away moisture while you sleep. You’ll always get the cool side of the pillow with Cosy House. 
  • Cosy House Luxury Pillow - Our pillows are plush, soft, and hypoallergenic. The outer bamboo viscose case of this pillow is cooling, breathable, and stays fresher for longer compared to traditional pillow brands.

Pulse Points & Ice

The inside of your wrists, the back of your neck, behind your knees, and your temples are all places on your body known as “pulse points” - where you can feel your heartbeat. It’s these areas that have blood vessels closest to the surface of your skin [5]. Applying some ice directly to your pulse points is a great way to quickly cool off. 

Keep Your Car Cool 

Let’s say it’s just over 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That means it will only take up to an hour for your car to reach almost 120 to 130 degrees on the inside [7]. Before you get back inside your broiling vehicle, follow our two simple steps to cool it down in there:

  1. Roll down the window on the passenger side or open the passenger side door.
  2. Open and close the door on the driver’s side several times. 

This easy process can create a “cross-breeze,” drawing out the hot air quickly without using the AC. 

Water is Your Best Friend

A no-brainer - the human body is made up of about 45 to 75 percent H2O. Water is a building block of new cells and a key nutrient for every system and function of the body [2]. Getting enough water depends upon the foods and liquids you consume on a daily basis. If you need a cooling snack on a hot summer day that also just so happens to be water-rich, below are some ideas:

  • Strawberries and other berries
  • Oranges and other citrus fruits
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Spinach
  • Watermelon, cantaloupe, and other melons
  • Skim milk

Wherever this summer takes you, don’t forget to bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated, too!

Exercise in the Early Morning

Ever noticed that the outside temperature is cooler in the morning than it is in the afternoon? If you usually work out outdoors, we recommend switching your routine to the wee hours of the morning to not only avoid the unbearable heat of the day but to avoid the risks of dehydration and heat stroke, too.

Go for a Swim

This one is another no-brainer. Take a plunge! If you live by a pool or beach, grab your swimsuit, a Cosy House Luxury Towel (so you can dry off even quicker), and let your body soak in the water. If you don’t happen to have pool access or live near a beach, a quick cold shower can also do just the trick. 

Which suggestions did you love most? What are some ways you keep cool? Let us know in the comments below. The Cosy community would love to hear from you!

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