10 Must-Haves For Your Minimalist Bedroom

10 Must-Haves For Your Minimalist Bedroom

Are you trying to make space for the things that really matter? Do you want to declutter?

Minimalism might be the answer for you. For beginners, experts recommend finding one thing in your home that doesn’t add value to your daily life, and removing it.* 

A great place to start is a room whose whole purpose is to help you relax and refresh - the bedroom! 

What is Minimalism? 

Minimalism isn’t just a Western visual arts movement from the post-World War II era, it is also a concept that deals with mindfulness and intentional living. 

Originally an art style in which pieces featured simplistic lines, colors, and purposeful placements of subject matter, minimalist ideals have quickly developed over the years into a lifestyle practice to eradicate disorder in not just physical spaces but internal ones, too. It’s about simplification and finding things that add value to your life and then removing the rest. In summation, it focuses on minimizing distraction to maximize intentionality. 

For bedrooms, this practice is helpful for making a tranquil space that you’ll spend the most time in. Do you want your room to be intentional, quiet, and rid of distractions? Then read on. We’ll make a minimalist of you, yet! 

How Do I Make My Bedroom Minimalist? 

Minimalism looks different for everyone. You want your room to promote serenity and calm. If you’re opting for a minimalist space, it is best to keep things undramatic and soothing. Minimalism is almost like editing an essay. As William Faulkner once said, “in writing you must kill all your darlings.” The same is true for minimalizing your bedroom. You’re not sacrificing the warmth and comfort of your room, you’re instead proofreading your room into the perfect oasis. 

So, first things first, - 

  1. Pick the bed you love. Layer the design of your room off of your bed. Your bed will be the focal point of your bedroom. Take a look at unostentatious bedframes, or you could even go frame-less. 
  2. Throw away the clutter! Grab some boxes or bags and fill them with the things you no longer need or use. That could include the clothes in your closest you haven’t worn for years, those collectibles you bought that no longer make your heart dance a cha-cha-cha, the photos in your drawer of your ex-boyfriend (it’s definitely time for those to go), or any other miscellaneous excess you might find. Toss it in the trash or donate it. If it doesn’t add value to your everyday life, it’s probably time to get rid of it, don’t you think?
  3. Neutral colors are the way to go. Colors and tones that are soft, pale, and creamy will create that Zen aesthetic you’re looking for. It’s about going back to basics. We recommend our luxury bamboo sheets, for starters. Not only are these sheets breathable and lightweight, but they will accentuate the minimalistic tone you’re after with over twelve different colors like cream, white, blue, grey, and dark teal. 
  4. Lighting and open space go hand in hand. Try to let that sunshine in! If possible, we recommend sheer curtains or doing away with curtains completely to let the natural light flood your bedroom.
  5. Focus on finding décor, plants, furniture, and/or art pieces that make you feel good. With minimalism, you’re not covering every inch of your walls or decorating all the empty spaces you can find. In fact, you’re doing quite the opposite. Try finding one piece of art you absolutely adore and then go from there. If you want to add pops of color, we recommend a houseplant that will add an earthy green to your space or a bouquet of fresh flowers in a clear vase. 

The Top Ten Must-Haves

Here are top ten things you MUST have in your minimalist space:

  1. Stick with 3 Staples - You’ll want a bed, a bedside table, and a light source. These will be the three most important staples of your room. Once you find these three things, you can begin to imagine what kind of lighthearted, neutral decorum you’d like to add. 
  2. Hidden Storage - Find storage that can easily fit under your bed, in your drawers, or in your closet. A spot you can quickly put excess clutter will be a life saver for your new, restful environment!
  3. Air Humidifier - Adding a little moisture to the air of your bedroom might not only help you sleep, but can also potentially help clear pollutants pervading your room’s atmosphere. You could even get fancier with it and add your favorite essential oil for a serene scent, like lavender or lemongrass.
  4. A Green Houseplant - As mentioned before, a plant will not only add a nice pop of color to your room, but, like the humidifier, will be beneficial to the air in your bedroom. A plant or two is an easy small detail that will project your strong sense of style. 
  5. Bedding - Ever heard the phrase, “does it spark joy?” You’ll be asking yourself this question a lot when redoing your new minimalist bedroom. We already touched on decluttering, but what about layering? In terms of your bed - the main attraction -, your bedding should include a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, a duvet, a comforter, and a decorative throw blanket
  6. Your Favorite Collection - Are you a vinyl record connoisseur? Or are you an avid book worm? Do you have a collection of things you just can’t part with? Don’t worry, you won’t have to. Stick to your guns and find those things that really mean something to you in your bedroom. You could even base the design of your room around that collection. If it doesn’t add more clutter, it will only make the space more you. 
  7. One Piece of Art - Find a single piece of art that you really love. Is it abstract? Introspective? How does it make you feel? Does it make your heart skip a beat whenever you look at it? If it does, consider hanging it on your bedroom wall, maybe above your bed. And leave it at that. You don’t want to cover your walls with decorations at the expense of ruining your room’s simplistic feel. 
  8. An Area Rug - Add a dash of vibrancy to your space with a statement rug. Geometric designs, soft patterns, and/or solid colors are best for your minimalist bedroom. We recommend our Tribeca Mason Rug to start, which incorporates an intricate geometric pattern but with soft, earthy browns, blacks, and cream colors. 
  9. Monochromatic & Modern - A monochrome palette will be your best friend. Just because your room is minimalist doesn’t mean it has to be cold or boring. Play with tonal palettes that accentuate your preferred aesthetic and minimalist space. 
  10. Pillow Covers - A great way to add a touch of brightness to your bedroom is with a modern pillow cover. We recommend a bright white or cream cover, like our luxury bamboo pillowcase which is seriously soft and buttery-smooth. 

Leave a comment below on your favorite minimalist tips and tricks! The Cosy community would love to hear from you!

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Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes