Why We Love Changing Bedding With the Seasons

Why We Love Changing Bedding With the Seasons

Changing leaves, longer nights, and crisp air—Fall is back in full swing! Many of us love to wear our fall staple sweaters and jackets once the weather hits below a certain temperature. Just like we change our wardrobes with the seasons, it’s important to also consider what bedding you’re using during different weather periods.

People generally like to use lighter bedding in the summer and heavier bedding in the winter months, but it can be difficult to know exactly how to style your bed so that it’s perfectly comfortable for your current climate. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Read on to discover what type of bedding and color palette is best for each season.

Cozy Bedding for Fall and Winter

winter bedding

November through February are typically the chilliest months when you need to bundle up in your comfiest and warmest clothing—and bedding is just the same! For cold winter months, we suggest investing in a cozy weighted blanket to pair with a thick duvet. Cosy House’s Luxury Bamboo Weighted Blanket does a great job of keeping you warm and comfortable without causing overheating because of its cooling bamboo covering. To top it off, a warm fleece blanket is a winter necessity.

Cooling Comfort for Summer and Spring

summer bedding

Once the warmer weather hits around May, you probably won’t need your warm, heavy duvet and fuzzy blankets to warm you up at night. Instead, you may opt for a cooling bamboo comforter paired with bamboo sheets. This combo does a great job of keeping you comfortable and cool through hot summer nights.

Bedding for the In-Between

in between seasons

But, what about those in-between months when the weather likes to change day-by-day? For transitional months, it’s a great idea to use lighter, cooling bedding with a fleece blanket to stay warm in case you experience a colder night.

Color Palettes for Each Season

Now you know which bedding to use each season, but do you know how to style your bed? Let’s go over the best color palettes for each season.


Fall color palette for bedroom

Fall is all about the rich tones of autumnal leaves! Take the outside environment inside by using dark reds, oranges, browns, and yellows to emulate the autumn leaves. 


Winter color palette

Cold winter nights call for cooler tones of blue, purple, and turquoise. Mixing these colors together or with white for contrast is a great way to turn your room into a winter wonderland!


Spring color palette

If you’re a fan of pastel colors then you’ll love spring’s color palette! Spring colors typically include happy pastels that symbolize the end of a long, cold winter. Incorporate pastel blues, greens, pinks, and other colors to bring your bedroom to life this spring!


Summer color palette

When summer rolls around, it’s time to pull out all the bright colors! Bright pinks, blues, yellows, and other colors will make your room bright and happy during those hot summer days. Not to mention, the bright and light colors will help so that sunlight isn’t absorbed into your bedding making it warmer.

We know how hard it can be to make your bedroom suitable for each season, but we hope this short guide keeps you comfortable and your bedroom stylish throughout the year! As winter approaches, we’re excited to break out our weighted blankets and fuzzy throws! Click here to try Cosy House Collection’s luxuriously comfortable bedding—trust us, you won’t regret it.

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