Top 4 Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Top 4 Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips

So you’re on the hunt for some basic tried and true spring cleaning tips? We’ve got you covered.

What Do I Need?

Spring cleaning usually takes place in March or April for most, and it’s that time of year again. Wondering what you might need to clean your bedroom? 

We suggest our Cosy Cleaning Essentials, for starters. Here are some other items you might want to have ready to go before you start cleaning:

  1. Multi-Surface Cleaner
  2. Window & Mirror Cleaner
  3. Wood Cleaner
  4. Baking Soda (this can come in handy when flipping your mattress) 
  5. Dryer Balls (for when you wash your sheets and linens) 
  6. Microfiber Cloths
  7. Laundry Detergent (Our Cosy detergent is toxin-free) 
  8. Duster
  9. Vacuum (if you have wood floors, grab a mop, too) 
  10. Boxes, Bags, or Baskets (keep reading to find out why)

Think Green When You Clean

Essential oils like lavender, sage, tea tree, and rosemary are natural alternatives to most store-bought cleaning products and can be used to make air fresheners, detergents, cleaners, and deodorizers. You can also reduce plastic waste and the amount of water shipped by purchasing a Cleaning Kit that features reusable glass bottles and refillable tablets. Our Home and Bath Collection is made with mindful ingredients and is specially crafted to be super gentle. The greener your products, the more peace of mind you’ll have. 

Rock Out to Your Favorite Tunes

For real. Put in your headphones, turn on the radio, or blast that speaker. Studies suggest that music is capable of making the mundane, well, manageable, and cleaning can get pretty tedious. Music improves your mood and boosts your focus and productivity. Recent research has even shown that music has the ability to relieve anxiety and fatigue, and influence blood pressure and heart rate.* Your favorite singer can be your spoonful of sugar to make that bedroom spring cleaning a breeze. 

Launder Your Linens

You should definitely wash your bedsheets, mattress, pillows, duvets, bed skirts, throw blankets, and any other bedding you use. Make sure you read the cleaning instructions on your linens before you wash. If you are in need of new sheets, take a look at our Cosy House Collection. Our sheets are hypoallergenic and stay fresher longer, which means fewer trips to the washing machine. Try using dryer balls in your washes, too! Our wool dryer balls are biodegradable, free of dyes and chemicals, and can last up to three years.  

 spring cleaning tools

Declutter and Dust

Before you begin the spring cleaning process, you should first organize and reorder your space. Fold and put away your laundry, organize your under-bed storage, look through your closet and consider donating some clothes you no longer wear, grab your microfiber cloth or duster and wipe down all surfaces (this includes even light switches and outlet covers), and wipe down your walls and windows. You can easily tidy up your space before the real nitty-gritty cleaning by grabbing three bags, baskets, or boxes and putting things that need to be moved out of your bedroom in one container, items to donate in another, and garbage in the third. 

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If you found this blog post helpful, comment below and let us know what tricks you use when you spring clean! The Cosy community would love to hear from you!

Check out our downloadable
Miscellaneous Spring Cleaning Checklist for more tips and tricks on cleaning the rest of your home. 


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Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes