The Best Position for Placing Your Bed

The Best Position for Placing Your Bed

When it comes to arranging your bedroom, the most prominent part is always the bed. After all, rooms are designed to be centered around sleeping. Depending on the size and feel of the room, the bed can be placed in the middle, the corner, or by the window, making itself the focal point of the room every time. So how can you decide where your bed works best for you? 

We’ve gathered several details to help you consider the best placement for your bed. Check it out!

Preference, Style, and Practicality

There are several factors to consider when deciding the placement of your bed. For instance, lighting, air vents, outlets, bed size, and room size all play a part in deciding where the bed looks and feels the best. Where you place your bed might be affected by these factors, but here are the most popular positions to place your bed.


Traditionally, a bed looks best when placed in the center of the room. Considering the bed is always the focal point of the bedroom, it makes sense for it to belong in the room’s center. This way, when placing artwork, lighting, and additional furniture, the bed will make the room feel symmetrical and balanced. 

Centered beds may be placed in the middle of the main bedroom wall, usually next to or in front of a window. When placed in front of the window, it allows for a natural view of the outside, making it easier for those who have a difficult time waking up in the morning.

corner bed


If you are looking for more space, a bed in the corner may be the best placement for you. You could either place the bed so its side is completely against the wall, or leave a small space between the side and the wall so it’s easier to make the bed. Placing your bed in the corner will free the center of the room, making it easier to walk around and place emphasis on other furniture pieces.

If your bed leans toward the smaller side, placing it in the corner will allow for even more use of the rest of your bedroom, making the corner bed placement the most practical option. If this is the direction you’re leaning toward, placing pillows and throw blankets on the bed is a great idea. This way, the bed will still be emphasized with decorative touches, without taking up the center of the room. 


Placing your bed below a window is not the most ideal of the placements for several reasons. Not only can the bed prevent large amounts of natural light from coming into the room, but it also keeps you from waking up with a view of the nature outside. Additionally, seeing as windows tend to get cold, a draft from the window could affect your sleep quality and may even lead to a cold. 

If you want to place your bed under the window but still want to enjoy the sunlight, you can use a lower headboard to maximize the light from the window. Additionally, you may want to invest in curtains to keep the sunlight from coming in on the days you may want to sleep in. 


This might be the most unconventional place for your bed, but it is popular among those with twin size beds. If several factors do not allow for your bed to be placed in a traditional position, you may need to place your bed diagonally. Although this placement tends to work with beds on the smaller side, it also works well with larger beds when the room is also larger. 

Diagonally-placed beds add a different form of symmetry to your room. By placing objects in a contrasting way than how the room is structured, you can emphasize furniture, lighting, and structure in new ways. 

window bed


Similar to the diagonal style, placing your bed in the actual center of the room may require a bigger room space. This style allows for mobility around the bed, yet makes the walking spaces much smaller, leaving less space for other pieces of furniture. On the bright side, placing your bed right in the middle of the room allows for a balanced air-flow and equal access to everything from your bed. 

Door Placement

Lastly, you may want to consider where you want to place your bed in terms of where the bedroom door is located. You may not want your bed to be completely exposed when your door is open. Additionally, consider placing your bed where your door can be opened properly, without it bumping with the corner of your bed. This way, you want be comfortable without disturbing the room’s natural flow. 

While your bed placement may be affected by different factors in your room, you will ultimately pick the placement you feel the most comfortable with. Aesthetics are key, yes, but the most important part of picking a bed placement is the feeling of waking up refreshed and well-rested. 

Let us know which bed placement worked best for you! 


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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil