Summer Bedroom Cleaning Tips: How to Freshen Up Your Space for the Season

Summer Bedroom Cleaning Tips: How to Freshen Up Your Space for the Season

When summer rolls around, the last thing on your mind is cleaning your bedroom. We get it. Who wants to trade sunny days in for scrubbing? However, that messy clutter isn’t going to vanish on its own—and it’s beneficial to your health if you decide to clean it up.

There’s a way to get your scrub on and do it all in a breeze. We’ve got the ultimate guide to swiftly deep-clean your bedroom, so you have more time to soak up the sunshine and make the most of your summer break!

Why Should I Clean My Room This Summer?

You might be thinking, “I don’t need to clean my bedroom. I can just enjoy my vacation.” While it’s true that you’ve earned a well-deserved vacation and you should enjoy it, cleaning your bedroom during the summer months is more important than you might think. 

Here’s why:

  1. You are more likely to keep your windows open this summer. You’ll probably be letting that natural sunlight in this summer, but along with the sun rays comes an invitation for dust, pollen, and other outdoor critters and elements to come inside. If you’re not at least tidying or dusting your room, this could mean unwelcome surprises and lots of stuffy noses.
  2. A cleaner space means better sleep. Clutter is known to affect focus and general mental well-being.[1] Ever noticed that the messier your space is the more stressed you feel? When you go to sleep, your room should be a relaxing oasis, not a stress-inducing mess. Suggested Read: You can find more information about how your bedroom might be affecting your mental health here.
  3. Your AC is probably doing overtime. It’s hot! Your air conditioner has got a lot of heavy lifting to do this season. However, more cold air pumping into your home might also mean more dust, pet dander, and other debris pumping in, too. Besides just cleaning out the AC regularly and changing your air filter, you should also be cleaning your space as these icky irritants can start to mingle with the air you’re breathing and settle onto surfaces.
  4. If your kids are home from school, you’re most likely in for a messier time. If you’re a parent, you already know that you’ve got more dirtiness to combat this summer. With the kids home all day (most likely running in and out of your bedroom or their own), you’re sure to have a mess or two popping up. Letting all that dirt and grime accumulate isn’t good for you or your kiddos. 
  5. You’ve got the time! Summer brings with it longer days. You’ve got more sunshine AND more time to be productive this season. Why not do a little sprucing while you’ve got the daylight to do it?

        Let’s Get Prepped: What You’ll Need

        What do you need before you get started? We’re so glad you asked. Have these supplies on hand before you start cleaning and you’ll be done quicker than you can say, “Voila.” 

        • The Fit. Might as well be comfy, cozy, and cool while you clean. We recommend wearing a bamboo viscose fabric that can regulate your body temperature so you don't get sticky and sweaty. Cosy's Bamboo Loungewear Set is more breathable than cotton and perfect for lounging when you’re done cleaning!
        • Cleaning Supplies. No one wants a room that wreaks of chemicals. Get that sweet, fresh clean with gentle, natural cleaning solutions—free of harmful, smelly additives. For the best in high-quality home and bath products to get yourself started, click here. You’ll also need some ultra-absorbent washcloths, a vacuum cleaner with attachments, and a stepping stool. 
        • Toss, Donate, & Keep Boxes. When you begin to declutter, you’ll want boxes specific to donations/tossing and the things you want to keep to make organizing easier.
        • Laundry Supplies. You’ll be stripping down your bed for a good washing, so you should have your laundry detergents ready to go. If you want to make cleaning day go by quickly, invest in Wool Dryer Balls. They reduce static, wrinkling, tangling, and drying time by 30%.

        Clean Your Bedroom (& Do It Quickly)

        Refreshing your bedroom is the perfect way to ring in the summer. If you want to clean your space but save precious time doing it, this checklist will be a lifesaver (and for every other season, too—it’s good for year-round use!).

        Let’s get cleaning: 

        The Bed

        • Wash pillows (or buy new ones). Your pillows can build up some pretty icky irritants like dust and dead skin cells. Sometimes, what you truly need is a brand-new pillow that can resist these common non-living household allergens, like the Luxury Pillow. Pair that with 100% Bamboo Pillowcases, and you’ll enjoy better skin, fewer trips to the washing machine, and wake up feeling refreshed every morning this summer.

        Pro Tip: Consider a Luxury Waterproof Zippered Pillow Protector for an extra layer of security for your pillows. This pillow protector has a breathable design for max airflow and acts as a shield to keep you, your skin, and your bed fresh and clean.

        • Strip the mattress and flip it. Take your bedding and set it to the side. Flipping the mattress simply means turning it over, but if you want to know how to properly clean your mattress, click right here. Invest in a high-quality Luxury Zippered Mattress Encasement that ensures strong and durable protection to keep your mattress cleaner for longer and increase its lifespan.
        • Refresh your bedding. Take the bedding and linens you set aside and toss them in the washing machine. If you want to say goodbye to stinky sheets for good, invest in 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets. Crafted with 100% viscose from Bamboo, these sheets are moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and extra durable, keeping your sheets cleaner and fresher for longer. Add a stylish Everyday Fleece Blanket to the end of the bed for extra snuggliness and aesthetic, or a Weighted Blanket to elevate relaxation time with deep-touch pressure therapy (feels just like a warm hug!).

        The Closet

        • Pull out EVERYTHING. Grab everything in your closet and take it out! It’s time to reorganize and get tidy this summer so you won’t have to worry about it later. 
        • Put your toss and keep boxes to good use. Sort through your clothing and other miscellaneous closet items. Which ones do you want to keep? Which ones are old, worn, or never used? Put everything into one of the two categorized boxes. 
        • Organize by color, size, etc. Once you’ve finished sorting, put your toss box to the side (you can either donate these items, recycle, or toss them). Take your keep box and start putting everything left back into the closet. Organize these items according to your liking.

        Flat Surfaces

        • Wipe and dust. Wipe down all flat surfaces (mirrors, table tops, bookshelves, lampshades, small crevices, etc.) with a gentle cleanser and an absorbent towel. We suggest Cosy’s Luxury Towel Set, which includes a versatile washcloth plus a bath and hand towel for other uses! If it looks dusty or dirty, spray it and wipe it. 
        • Reduce unnecessary clutter. Once you’re done wiping and dusting, take a quick look at what is taking up space in your room. If your nightstand and shelves are covered in random papers or unnecessary objects, store them in containers that can slide easily under your bed or in your closet.


        • Vacuum vents and registers. Don’t forget about the nooks and crannies! 
        • Dust ceiling fans, clean them with a damp cloth, and rotate airflow. To avoid getting dust on everything you just cleaned, we suggest using an old pillowcase to collect the dust. 
          1. First, turn off the fan. Use a multi-surface cleaning solution to dampen the blades first so they’ll be easier to clean.
          2. Use your stepping stool to wrap the pillowcase around the blades. Press down on the pillowcase and pull it along the blade to collect the dust. 
          3. Finish by spraying the blades with your cleaning solution again and wiping them down with a damp cloth.
          4. If your fan has a switch on the side that can change its rotation direction, flip it counterclockwise for summer.

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        Happy Summer Season from all of us here at Cosy! 


        1. Ferrari, J.R., Roster, C.A. Delaying Disposing: Examining the Relationship between Procrastination and Clutter across Generations. Curr Psychol 37, 426–431 (2018).
        Marge Hynes

        Written by Marge Hynes