Styling Your Bedroom For The Holidays

Styling Your Bedroom For The Holidays

As we ease through October, it’s exciting to think about the fun holiday season ahead! October through January is jam-packed with holiday festivities and family gatherings for which you’ll want your home to look its best.

For many of us, our favorite part of the holidays is decorating our homes in festive colors and decor—but the festivities shouldn’t end at your bedroom door! Read on to discover how you can turn your bedroom into a holiday hangout.


Color scheme: Bright orange, black, purple.

halloween bedding theme

There are plenty of options for creating a frightening Halloween effect in your bedroom! Start by switching out your usual bedding for Halloween color combinations such as black and orange. If you have throw pillows, switch them out for one or two decorative Halloween-themed pillows.

Another classic symbol for Halloween is a pumpkin! Pumpkins and gourds are quick, easy, and inexpensive items to put on your nightstand or window sill in celebration of the holiday. As a spooky added touch, you can spread fake spiderwebs in the corners and crevices of your room.


Color scheme: Dark red, orange, brown, yellow.

Thanksgiving bedding

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and food. With traditional Thanksgiving dishes rarely changing each year, that means you can get creative with festive decorations in your home!

By simply incorporating the colors above into your bedding and adding festive throw pillows, you can create an autumnal oasis in your own bedroom. Keep the pumpkins from October and switch out the fake spiderwebs for autumn-themed garlands to frame the room.


Color scheme: Red, green, white.

Christmas bedding

Spread holiday cheer into your bedroom with festive Christmas colors, lights, and decorations! Pair a fuzzy green blanket with red sheets to create a focal point for your x-mas setup.

At this point, you can remove the pumpkins and garlands from your room in exchange for festive Christmas lights to hang around the walls. Opt for red and green lights or classic white lights for a more simple look. Finally, top off your room with a mini Christmas tree!

New Years

Color scheme: Silver, gold.

New Years Eve bedding

New Years is all about sparkly new beginnings! Start your year on the right foot with gold and silver decor throughout your home. For New Years Eve, keep your white Christmas lights up around the room to accompany silver or gold accent pillows. A fuzzy white blanket is a great added touch to keep the room bright. 

To finish off the New Years look, add a disco ball or two to hang from your ceiling or sit on your nightstand.

When you understand each holiday’s color combinations, it’ll be easy to give your room a festive feel for each holiday without breaking the bank. Using different colored bedding is a great way to get in the holiday spirit! After all, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Click here to look at Cosy House’s festive color options.

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