Sleep Comfortably, No Matter Which Season

Sleep Comfortably, No Matter Which Season

As we enter the winter season, you might be looking into investing in bedding that will keep you warmer through these barren months. You might ask yourself: is this worth it to spend the money? Could you just layer several blankets and endure the cold for a little longer? Oftentimes, thicker bedding might seem like the perfect idea to keep you warm throughout the winter, but it will become useless once the hotter months roll around. So what exactly can you do? 

Get the most bang for your buck. Quality bedding can offer a variety of benefits and features that not only prioritize your comfort, but are also practical. For year-round use, your bedding should ideally be made with materials that will both keep you warm during the winter months and prevent night sweats during the summer. 

We’ve gathered a list of our favorite products to not only help you survive this season, but can also be used throughout the entire year. Keep reading to find out our picks! 


Luxury Weighted Blanket

When the winter months approach, you always try to be the warmest and coziest at night. Cosy House’s Luxury Weighted Blanket provides warmth and comfort, giving you the most peaceful sleep you’ve ever had. It is made with protective pockets, premium glass beads, a blanket topper, and a bamboo viscose cover, with technology designed to help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. This is perfect for those who are affected by the shorter, darker days of fall and winter.

The Luxury Weighted Blanket also has a ventilation system, keeping you warm throughout the night while preventing you from overheating. Additionally, its hypoallergenic material can ward off common household non-living allergens, perfectly designed for those with sensitive skin and noses. The Luxury Weighted Blanket stays cleaner for longer, is machine washable, and provides all the comfort you need throughout this barren-cold season! 



Lavender Linen Spray

Picture the perfect day of spring: you’re having fun, running through a flower field, picking the prettiest flowers and yummiest fruits to take home, only to be interrupted by a sneeze every two minutes. All of a sudden, the day is ruined. So how can you enjoy the scents of spring without flaring up your sensitive nose? Cosy House’s Lavender Linen Spray has got you covered. Not only will lavender’s calming aroma help reduce feelings of anxiety, but it will also help you fall asleep faster, improving your sleep quality [1]. 

In addition to staying away from spring’s pollen-infused air while still enjoying its scent, the Lavender Linen Spray also helps from bringing those allergens into your bed. This spray is safe for all kinds of fabric and has no synthetic fragrances, dyes, propellants, or aerosols, making it safe for your nose to enjoy the spring’s sweet freshness! 


Luxury Bed Sheets 

Summer is the season of fun, travel, and chilling by the pool, but can feel extremely frustrating when it comes to sleep. It’s the year’s hottest season by far, and sometimes even the air conditioning falls short of keeping the heat away – not to mention the night sweats. But Cosy House’s Luxury Bed Sheets provide the light comfort needed to survive this season without losing any sleep. 

Available in 13 colors, the Luxury Bed Sheets are made with our unique bamboo viscose and polyester blend, for endless comfort all night long. Its lightweight fabric has thermal-regulating properties that help balance your body’s temperature throughout the night, so you can say goodbye to night sweats! Now you can wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested during the year’s hottest time. 



Everyday Fleece Blanket

To many people, fall is the season of holidays and great food: Halloween and candy, Thanksgiving dinner, pumpkin patches, pies, and lattes, and the way every color ceases to exist except for orange, yellow, and red. To others, it's a season for staying in and cuddling with a warm blanket, a hot chocolate in hand, and a movie on the television. For those of you that choose the latter, Cosy House’s Everyday Fleece Blanket is the best companion for your movie marathons. 

Not only is this blanket designed to provide ultimate comfort, but it also wards off common household non-living allergens, perfect for your sensitive nose during the change in weather. Available in 7 colors, the Everyday Fleece Blanket can match the colors of the season, as well as those in your home. Its polyester fabric is ultra-soft and machine washable, so you can enjoy all the perks of the extra-plush blanket with the most minimal effort. Get ready for the comfiest Hallmark movie marathon with the softest blanket you’ve ever had! 

Whether it’s the hottest season of the year, or you’re escaping from the freezing snow, Cosy House has the products to give you the most pleasant sleep you’ve ever had. Balancing your temperature throughout the night to keep you comfortably warm while preventing night sweats. The right bedding and quality sleep can provide you with the mental and physical well-being you need to go about your day, to your fullest potential. 

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil