Making Your Bed (The Right Way)

Making Your Bed (The Right Way)

Your bed is starting to crease, it's untidy, and the sheets are always coming up off the mattress. You’re frustrated and at your wit’s end!

Good thing you found this blog. No need to fret any further.

We’ve gone ahead and researched nine simple steps to help you make your bed the right way. After reading, you’ll be able to avoid losing out on all that blissful slumber.

Starting Out

Where do you begin?

Start with a blank canvas first. We recommend investing in a good set of white sheets to work with any kind of decorative bedding. Plush, cozy comforters are also always a great option for a little bit more cloud-like softness, too, after you’ve put your sheets on. Before you begin putting on your sheets or any other bedding using our easy-peasy steps, make sure you have your mattress protector on first!


  • First things first, you’re going to want to spread out the bottom fitted sheet and fit the corners around your mattress. A colorful flat sheet can add a bit of “spice.” 
  • Next, you’ll stand at the foot of your bed and spread a top sheet over the fitted sheet. The end of the sheet with the large hem goes at the head of the bed. Leave a small space between the top of the sheet and the head of the bed. 


  • Next, again at the foot of your bed, you will begin tucking the end of the top sheet between the mattress and the box springs. Ensure that the sheet is laying smoothly between the two. 
  • Then, you will make a hospital corner (click here to learn how) on one side of the mattress (at the foot of the bed). Grab and lift the draping sheet from the side, about 16 inches from the foot of the bed.
  • Tuck in the triangle-shaped lower drape between the mattress and the box springs. 

Finishing Up 

  • You're almost done! Hold the corner in place with your free hand and then fold the top drape over. You’ll want the fold on the top drape to form a 45-degree angle. Repeat this on the opposite corner of the mattress.
  • Tuck in the sheet on both sides of the bed.

The Final Touches

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Leave a comment below if you’ve mastered the art of making your bed. What’s your favorite approach? The Cosy community would love to hear from you!


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Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes