How to Give Your Room a More Sophisticated Look

How to Give Your Room a More Sophisticated Look

We all want our homes to look expensive, luxurious, and lavish—but that next-level effort is often not very wallet-friendly. 

Are you searching for a way to upgrade your home without breaking the bank? Look no further. 

We’ve got you covered!

10 Tips For A More Expensive-Looking Room

We’ve got 10 tips for you below to sophisticate your space with inexpensive design tricks and as little effort as possible! Let’s take a look: 

Various Vignettes

Interior design experts refer to small groupings of decorative objects within the home as “vignettes.” For a beautiful personal statement that looks expensive and refined, purposefully placing vignettes on mantles, nightstands, coffee tables, and shelves can add a small pop of fashionable ‘pizazz’, plus put your favorite treasures on display. 

Fresh Flowers

Our motto—the bigger the bouquet, the more sophisticated the space. Don’t let your fresh flower display look thin and sparse; make sure you are placing your vase of flowers somewhere centered, like the main coffee table in the living room or dining room table. Full, bountiful, and lush flower bouquets can add a touch of class to any space. 

Metallic Magic

Metallic decor has a way of giving any space or surface an instant luxe, expensive look. However, unlike your big and beautiful flower display, you’re going to want to keep the metallic sparse. In this case, less is more—a small gold leaf mirror on the wall, a brass table in the bedroom, or even just a few pieces of vintage silver somewhere about the home are a few great examples. 

Avant-Garde Antiques

If you’re looking for that classic, old-timey Hollywood look, artsy antiques are just the thing. For a simple aesthetic of history and wisdom, large-scale accessories like lamps, mirrors, and pieces of furniture, or small-scale accessories like little trinket music boxes, sculptural wall sconces, and brass picture frames or art pieces can do the trick. There’s no need to spend a fortune! Go to your local antique shops, thrift stores, or flea markets, and find simple items that spark your fancy.

Deep Clean & Declutter

When has clutter ever looked sophisticated? It’s time to spruce up those big spaces in your home—tie up the pile of wires behind your tv, do the laundry so there isn’t a stack of clothes on the floor, and organize your collection of novels on the bookshelf. For optimum cleanliness and organization, check out Cosy’s Home and Bath Collection. How can you get started, you ask?

Sophisticated Statements

Statement pieces are a given, and the fun part about this suggestion—you can make it all your own! What are your favorite details in each room of the house? Is it the dark wood bed frame in the bedroom, the gorgeous gilded shelving in the living room, or the old velvet armchair in the hall? Every room in the house can have its own statement centerpiece, but be sure to keep it simple, focused, and to the point. Again, clutter isn’t your pal when it comes to sophistication.

Graceful Greenery

Much like the easy sophistication upgrade you can get with a big bouquet of fresh flowers, a large fern, a potted plant, or even a few faux succulents is another quick way to boost the class in any space. No matter where you decide your greenery should be placed, make sure you are keeping it simple. You only need a few to add more luxury to your home!

Overfluffed & Overfilled

Ever been to a fancy hotel and seen that every throw pillow was super plump and overfilled? Let’s bring that gold-standard hotel quality right to your home! All you have to do is make sure your decorative cushions and pillows are plumped and overstuffed. For your bedroom, make sure you are looking for thick and lofty, but airy, sleeping pillows to dress up the bed. Where can you find such a pillow? 

Queue our very own Cosy House Luxury Pillow (luxury is in the name!). Unlike competing brands, our pillows are fully adjustable to your liking, unlike competing brands, plus they’re also encased in a soft, hypoallergenic bamboo viscose case.

For an even grander plush, luxe aesthetic, check out the Luxury Down Alternative Comforter for your bed. It’s stuffed with a fluffy polyester fill that resembles the airy, cuddly-softness of traditional feather down, and is made of soft, breathable bamboo viscose and microfiber. Our Luxury Comforter will add just the right amount of Je ne sais quoi you’ve been looking for. 

If you want to take it to the next level, we have a special pro tip for you: Pair with our Luxury Duvet Cover and stuff two comforter inserts for a plush look and feel. 

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading your bedroom for a more luxe look and feel, it’s all about preference, style, and practicality. We suggest starting with the placement of your bed—do you want it in the center of the room as the focal point, in the corner for optimization of space, next to the window for extra sunshine, or diagonally to add a bit of unconventional symmetry to the room? It’s all up to you! 

To get started on upgrading your old bedding for some seriously luxe bedding, here’s what you need:

  • Pillow Covers - A great way to add brightness and class to your bedroom is with a modern pillow cover. We recommend a bright white or cream cover, like our Luxury Pillowcases which are seriously soft and buttery-smooth.
  • Bedding - Layering your bedding is the key to appearing sophisticated. Your bedding should include a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, a duvet, a comforter, and a decorative throw blanket
  • Finishing Touches - If you want to get a little fancier, you need the Luxury Quilt Set—our quilt and matching pillow shams will make you want to hit the snooze button and stay awhile. Add our Everyday Pleated Bed Skirt for a finished look. Our three-sided bed skirt features a classic-meets-contemporary corner pleat creating a sleek, finished look.

Luxurious Loo 

Organization equals sophistication, and for an organized bathroom, you’ll need four basic essentials:

  • Bath Caddy -  Our Bath & Shower Caddy is an all-in-one solution so you can easily store bathroom necessities (if you don’t want to put it in your bathroom, you don’t have to—this caddy is great for extra storage anywhere, whether it’s your kitchen, shower, or even your bedroom). It even has conveniently slotted drainage gaps located at the bottom to help prevent water from sitting and allows your items to fully dry.
  • Sink Caddy - Our nifty little Sink Caddy can hold up to 11 lbs and can easily be installed or removed in seconds without the use of drills, glue, screws, or other tools.
  • Luxury Towel Set - If you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience in your bathroom, our Luxury Towel Set is just the thing. Soft, absorbent, and plush, these luxurious linens are made from a premium bamboo viscose blend, and can quickly absorb moisture for a cozy feel. 
  • Foaming Hand Soap - The Cosy House Foaming Hand Soap glass bottle adds sleekness and shine to your bathroom space. With the starter kit, you can get the elegantly designed glass soap bottle, which is made with a pump for functionality and ease, plus a foaming hand soap tablet pack. 

Looking for more ways to enhance your bedroom or the other spaces in your home? Click here to treat yourself to quality essentials and affordable luxury without breaking your budget.

What are some of your favorite sophisticated décor items? Do you have any décor secrets you’re willing to share? Let us know in the comments below. The Cosy community loves hearing from you!

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Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes