How to Get Your Home Ready for a Great First Impression

How to Get Your Home Ready for a Great First Impression

Spring is in the air and April is upon us, which means National Decorating Month is upon us, too. It’s the perfect time to start prepping for friends and family to come over after a long winter hiatus. Easter cookouts or just-because events are something everyone is probably looking forward to. You want your guests to feel right at home when they come over, so where do you start?

No need to fret—we’ve compiled a list of items that will be sure to impress your guests. Check it out!

The Guest Room

To make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your home, the room where they’ll be sleeping and spending lots of time is a great place to start. You’ll want to make sure they have everything they need to feel like they’re staying at a five-star resort. 

Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish just that (get ready to hear lots of “Where on earth did you get your bedding? I never want to leave the bed!”):

Luxury Pillow

What: A breathable, moisture-wicking luxe pillow that’s more comfortable than a solid memory foam pillow, and far more supportive than traditional “premium” synthetic fill.

Why: This indulgent, multi-layer bamboo viscose pillow is designed to give extra support, coolness, and comfort to the head and neck. It’s also fully adjustable for any kind of sleeper, which means your guests can remove or add the filling to fit their desired comfort and needs. Once they leave, you can restuff it, and it’s ready to go for your next guests. 

Pro tip: Keep a nice-looking container nearby to put the unused stuffing in.

How: The outer layer is constructed with a hypoallergenic bamboo viscose case. The middle layer is made with adaptive transition foam. The bottom layer is crafted with CertiPUR-US-certified high-density shredded memory foam.

Luxury Bed Sheets

What: These sheets are made with a unique bamboo viscose blend that is one of the most breathable and lightweight fabrics on the market. They’re thermal-regulating, resist wrinkling, stains, and pilling, and are crafted with elastic corner straps for extra security.

Why: Old traditional cotton sheets are a thing of the past! Bamboo viscose bed sheets are seriously snuggly, hypoallergenic, cooling, and the more conscious choice. Why? It’s because of the three C’s - Care, Comfort, and Cost. If you’re still curious, read more about it right here.

How: Sheets made from bamboo viscose are safe for sensitive skin and noses because they can naturally ward off common household non-living allergens. Plus, the naturally feathery-soft texture of bamboo viscose fabric makes it feel like silk to the touch.

Pro tip: After your guests leave, wash then dry these luxe bed sheets with hand-felted wool dryer balls to keep them looking and feeling brand new for your next guests. No need for one-time-use fabric softeners!

Luxury Quilt Set

What: Crafted with silky soft bamboo viscose blended fabric, this quilt (and matching pillow shams) will make your guests want to hit the snooze button and stay awhile. 

Why: This luxe quilt set is softer than cotton, breathable and ultra-comfortable, and comes in 5 beautiful color options that enhance the look and feel of your guest room. 

How: The moisture-wicking finish keeps guests cozy, with soft-as-a-cloud craftsmanship that feels as good as it looks. Additionally, bamboo viscose is naturally hypoallergenic, allowing the bedding to stay fresher for longer while keeping guests feeling rejuvenated every morning.

The Living Room

The living room is just as important as the guest room when it comes to great first impressions. To give your space the upgrade it needs, take a look at the items listed below:

Everyday Fleece Blanket

What: These versatile 100% microfiber polyester blankets keep everyone cozy and warm no matter where they are in the house. They can be used on beds or even as a cuddly spare blanket for couch time and hosting guests.

Why: These hypoallergenic blankets are designed with a fleece finish for superior softness and cleanliness, which makes them softer than your average blanket and easier to care for, too. 

How: The premium microfiber material of these blankets helps repel common household non-living allergens, and because it’s made with a unique fabric blend, it can whisk away excess body heat to ensure maximum comfort.

Luxury Weighted Blanket

What: The Cosy Luxury Weighted Blanket is designed with several layers for optimal comfort. It includes a bamboo viscose cover, a premium brushed microfiber blanket topper, and quality glass beads kept secure inside rip- and tear-resistant protective pockets.

Why: The comforting feeling that the Cosy Weighted Blanket provides is unmatched. It weighs in at 15 lbs so it feels like a big, warm hug, and helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety for some serious relaxation. 

How: Deep-touch pressure stimulation technology created by thousands of tiny glass beads, evenly distributed throughout the fabric, helps to simulate the feeling of a hug to relax the nervous system. The material’s natural ventilation also allows for a cooling effect to prevent overheating. 

Lavender Linen Spray

What: For a little extra peace and relaxation for your guests, this lavender spray is sure to do the trick. It’s made with gentle, clean ingredients and inspired by aromatherapy.

Why: This deodorizing mist is perfect for guests who need a little time to kick back. Whether you’re already hosting inside, or your guests come inside to sit down for a minute, this mist can be sprayed on fresh linens, bedding, or anywhere in the house to leave a soothing scent behind. 

Pro tip: Spray this mist right before your guests arrive so they’re greeted with a welcoming, calming scent to make them feel right at home. 

How: This spray is formulated without aerosols, dyes, propellants, or synthetic fragrances, and is crafted with an essential oil-infused formula for pure, light freshness that’s safe for everyone. You’ll also save on costs and waste with the reusable mist canister designed for easy refills.

The Bath Room

Ah, the “throne” room. To stay on brand with your resort-themed first impressions, you should make sure the bathroom really does feel like a “throne” room that’s fit for royalty. If you’re looking for even more ideas for your guest’s bathroom, read more right here.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your guest bathroom fit for a King or Queen:

Luxury Towel Set

What: Your guests can enjoy hotel-quality softness, and you can enjoy the fact these towels didn’t come with a hefty price tag. Cosy House’s Luxury Towels combine the best qualities of cotton and bamboo viscose to create an affordable, lavish bath towel.

Why: Your guests are at your home, so they can’t get to the spa—why not bring the spa to them? With these bamboo viscose towels, they’ll be able to wrap themselves in true luxury after a bath or shower with these smooth, quick-drying, and ultra-absorbent towels. 

How: This Luxury Towel Set is crafted with our coveted bamboo viscose material. Weighing in at 650 GSM, Cosy House Luxury Towels are tightly woven to deliver ultimate absorption and warmth right when your guests need them. 

Foaming Hand Soap Starter Pack

What: This starter pack includes a 350ml reusable glass soap bottle and a foaming hand soap tablet pack. Simply fill the bottle with warm water, drop in the tablet, and voila

Why: Keep your guest’s cleaning routine simple, elegant, and gentle with Cosy’s Foaming Hand Soap Starter Pack. The glass pump bottle adds a sleek and functional touch to your home decor so your guests will feel clean and thoroughly impressed by your good taste. 

How: Cosy’s hand soap performs better than traditional hand soap due to its hypoallergenic, non-irritating formula designed to be gentle on the skin but tough on mess. The power-packed tablets dissolve in minutes, leaving your guests with clean hands and a sweet and subtle tea tree scent, too. 

Pro tip: Hosts - you can stock up on Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets so your guests never run out of soap. Plus, these refill tablets don’t take up any space in your bathroom, so you can keep on impressing. 

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Happy National Decorating Month from all of us here at Cosy!

Marge Hynes

Written by Marge Hynes