How to Decorate for the Fall

How to Decorate for the Fall

If you love the holidays, you know it is important to decorate your living space accordingly. The holidays are not set in motion until everything is wonderfully decorated, so a change in the atmosphere might be the right move to get you in the spirit. 

With fall coming up, there will be pumpkin spice lattes and wrap-around scarves coming back into play, so why not get yourself in the holiday spirit by decorating your home for the fall? 

Keep reading for tips on colors, scents, and decorations to invite autumn inside your home!

Where to Start? 

If you are not sure which route to take, start with some brainstorming. For instance, what comes to mind when you think about fall? Try to remember your favorite memories and jot them down to make sure you can incorporate them into your décor somehow. For instance, your fall memories might include a pumpkin patch, cozy movie nights, Thanksgiving and Halloween, and even baking. You could find some inspiration in your favorite activities, but if you still don’t know where to begin, here is what we recommend:  


Every season has its distinctive colors: dark blue and white for winter, pink and green for spring, yellow and blue for summer, and the classic fall colors: orange, yellow, and red. As the leaves start to change into those warmer tones, and as the weather gets colder, we start seeking warmth ourselves– whether it be through warm comfort drinks or clothes. 

So before you start looking for decorations, keep those fall colors in mind. Not only do they represent fall, but their warm tones go well together. 

Holiday Decorations 

If you’re a fan of Halloween, your fall decorations may mostly consist of jack-o-lanterns, bats, and skeletons. Fortunately, Halloween decorations are easy to make: you can carve out pumpkins for display, cut out bats with construction paper to decorate the walls, and even something as simple as hanging white sheets to make them look like ghosts. The possibilities are not only endless, but also easy! 



One of the first things you might think of when fall comes to mind is pumpkins. They’re the symbol for Halloween, the fall seasonal fruit, and the perfect color to represent this part of the year. 

When it comes to décor, pumpkins go above and beyond. Not only do they make for great decorations around the house, but they are also a fun activity to share with loved ones. Going to a pumpkin patch and picking your favorite, taking it home, and displaying it is the perfect activity for the fall. 

Depending on their size, pumpkins make for great decorations around your home in areas like the kitchen table, the front entrance, and on your mantle. You could even add a more personal touch by carving it out yourself. 

Natural Elements: Flowers and Leaves

Fall is widely known for the leaves changing colors. As the leaves start to die, the color changes from vibrant green to warm orange. Being one of the main indicators that the fall season is in full swing, why not decorate your home with autumn leaves and flowers? 

For your garden, the perfect flowers to encapsulate the feeling of fall include: 

  • Chrysanthemums
  • Blanket flowers
  • African daisies
  • Bidens
  • Goldenrods
  • Marigolds
  • Cannas

Whether it be in your front yard or inside your house, these plants will provide the warm tones of autumn. 

If you want an organic and fun piece of décor, leaves are the go-to for that autumn feeling. By going on a walk, you can collect leaves you like that have fallen off the trees, and allow them to dry naturally in your home. Once they’ve dried, there are numerous projects you could do with them. Here are some ideas we have gathered for you: 

  • Leaf mobile: After the leaves have dried, pierce small holes into the leaves so they are able to hang upside down. Once the holes are ready, take string or nylon to attach the leaves, tying the string to the base, which can also be natural, such as a small, broken tree branch. And voila! You’ll have wall décor for the fall without spending any money. 
  • Leaf bowl: Using a blown-up balloon, you can take the leaves and glue them on the balloon with liquid glue, covering its area from the bottom to halfway through. Once the leaves are hard and the glue is dry, pop the balloon and you will be left with a bowl made of leaves!
  • Fall garland: Using the same method as the leaf mobile, you could take a single string strand and place it through the leaves’ perforated holes. Once the string is through the leaves, you can display the garland across the ceiling, on a mantle, on the doorway, and even on the staircase railing. 


Cozy blankets

As the weather begins to cool down, the sweaters and boots start to make an appearance. When even the sun does not feel as warm as it did before, you might even feel like the cold is sneaking its way into your home. 

Warm blankets are definitely the way to go when your home feels cold, figuratively and literally. Not only do they help your body get used to the changing temperatures, but they pair really well with a hot chocolate in hand and a fall movie on the television. 

Cosy House’s Everyday Fleece Blanket is the perfect addition to your autumn nights, bringing you warmth and comfort. This blanket is generously sized, which allows you to snuggle as much as you want either on the couch or on your bed itself. It comes in 8 different color variations, including white, tan, and cream, which are perfect to match with fall colors. 

Additionally, transitioning from one season to another may spark up sensitivities and make it difficult to actually enjoy the changes. Fortunately, the Everyday Fleece Blanket is made of 100% polyester and is hypoallergenic, which can help you resist common non-living allergens inside your home, and stays cleaner for longer. Forget cold nights and stuffy noses, now you can snuggle your way into the fall!


The fall season is not only well-known for its colors and weather, but also for its scents. With all the food it has to offer, it's no wonder people are craving the smells of warmth and Thanksgiving dinner for the entire season. Candles can help you bring the feel of autumn into your personal environment. There are countless fall scents, but here is a list of our favorites: 

  • Pumpkin spice
  • Cinnamon apple
  • Pecan
  • Sandalwood
  • Pumpkin chai
  • Toasted marshmallow 
  • Nutmeg

Be prepared for the fall by incorporating the best elements it has to offer. Spend your autumn nights cuddled with a cozy blanket, carving out pumpkins, and hanging hand-made decorations, accompanied by the inviting smells of the season. Ready to bring fall into your home? Now you know where to start! 

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil