How to Choose the Best Bedding

When it comes to bedding, we all want to best, right? After all, we spend ⅓ of our lives sound asleep, so it makes sense to ensure that experience is as comfortable as possible. Purchasing bedding is quite possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll make as it has a large influence on your ability to sleep and, ultimately, your health. 

So, you’re ready to buy some bedding. Where is a good place to start? Drop the confusion, because Cosy House is here to help you get the basics down and select the best bedding for you. 

How to Choose the Right Pillow

When it comes to pillows, it’s all about that filling. Down, down alternative, memory foam, cotton, it can be very overwhelming! Let’s break down the pros and cons of the top 3.



Down or Feather pillows are exactly what they sound like: pillows stuffed with typically goose feathers. However, Down pillows have a mix of feathers and synthetic fluff. 

Pros: Down pillows are extremely soft and squishy. They are typically heralded as one of the softest kinds of pillows on the market.

Cons: If you want quality, then prepare to drop a decent amount of cash. This is also a pillow that people with sensitivities should avoid as it can be irritating. On top of all this, these pillows are almost impossible to clean without ruining the filling. When the pillow gets old and stained, it better to toss it than to wash. 

Down Alternative

Down alternative pillows are similar to down without the feathers. They’re usually filled with synthetic fibers like polyester. 

Pros: For anyone who wants the texture of a down pillow without the risk of a stuffy and sniffly nose, this is a great choice. It also has firmness options where down and feather pillows don’t. 

Cons: You have to be willing to compromise a little in terms of comfort. While down alternative is similar to down, you do miss out on the cloud-like feeling that down provides. 

Memory Foam


There are tons of different kinds of memory foam pillows, so for the sake of time, we’re going to focus on shredded memory foam pillows. 

Pros: The memory foam fill makes them extremely moldable and comfortable. This is a highly recommended type of pillow because of its versatility for all sleepers. It’s also an incredibly breathable type of filling, keeping the user cooler throughout the night.

Cons: While there aren’t many cons to this type of pillow, make sure you do your research. You’ll want to look for a memory foam pillow that can be opened and adjusted. This will give you more control over your sleeping experience.  

How to Choose the Right Duvet

Duvets don’t vary quite as much as pillows and sheets. Generally, you have two options: down and down alternative. 


Down duvets are the same as down pillows; stuffed with feathers for an ultra-soft feel. These duvets tend to be very warm, perfect for long winter months. However, that thickness isn’t so good for year-round comfort. Like the pillows, washing is difficult and the feathers can irritate your nose. 

Down Alternative


The filling for down alternative duvets differs. Some have a mix of feathers and synthetic material and some are another material entirely. The goal is to mimic the feels of the down duvet without the possible sensitivities and washing problems. Down alternative also works year-round due to its breathability. 

How to Choose the Right Sheets

Sheets are the big purchase. You can either go super expensive or super cheap. Either way, the material you choose may make or break your sleep experience. Like the pillows, we’re just going to focus on the three most popular. 



Cotton is by far the most used type of sheet material. The sheet prices can range from cheap, $10 sheets to $500+ for Egyptian and Pima. Its simple material makes it usually the cheapest sheet option. While the price is definitely an upside to cotton sheets, there are a few downsides. For one, if you tend to be a hot sleeper, cotton isn’t your friend. Its design traps heat, making you more sweaty and disrupting your comfort. On top of that, they must be cleaned frequently as it is easy for common household non-living allergens to settle into the fabric. 


Another highly used material, polyester is typically combined with cotton, microfiber, or rayon to create sheets. If you’re looking for simple, soft, yet cheap sheets, a polyester blend is a great option. That being said, make sure to follow washing instructions and be prepared to replace them often as they are prone to ripping and pilling. 

Bamboo Viscose


The benefits of cotton’s pricing with the simplicity and softness of polyester, bamboo viscose has become the sustainable option that everyone’s talking about. Bamboo viscose sheets are designed with a tight weave, preventing damage while retaining a soft, smooth texture resistant to pilling and ripping. Not only that, but bamboo viscose is naturally hypoallergenic and stays fresher for longer — That means less washing and more dreaming. 

When it comes to sleep, it’s in your best interest to choose the bedding that’s right for you. The quality of your bedding has a profound effect on your quality of sleep. Take a chance, and find your perfect sleep! 

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Monet Moore

Written by Monet Moore