Cosy Products for Your Valentine

Cosy Products for Your Valentine

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, it’s important to pick the perfect gift for your loved ones. This can be easier said than done. With countless gift guides, ads, and suggestions, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. Many people wait until the very last minute to choose their gift and often end up disappointed in their own decision. 

Say goodbye to disappointing gifts this Valentine’s Day. Check out our gift guide that is sure to please everyone on your list!

Gift for Mom

Whether she ruled the workplace or the home, it’s safe to say that moms are superheroes. Doesn’t a superhero deserve a peaceful night’s sleep? Give mom the gift of rest with the Luxury Bed Sheets. Crafted from our ultra-soft bamboo viscose blend material, these sheets are naturally cooling, wicking away heat and moisture from the body and leaving the sleeper cool and comfortable. In addition, they are hypoallergenic — less washing to do for your favorite gal! These sheets are a no-brainer for your mother.

Gift for Dad

Dads are notoriously one of the toughest people to shop for. You’ve given him ties, watches, and maybe even tickets to the big game. But it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re running out of options… and time. Enter the Luxury Pillow! This multi-layer pillow is designed with extra support from certiPUR-US certified high density shredded memory foam. This helps relieve neck pain and discomfort while distributing weight evenly. And the best part? It’s completely adjustable! Add or remove foam until it’s the perfect fit!

Gift for Sibling

What is the perfect gift for your favorite sibling? A laundry bundle! Now, now... hear us out. This is a great gift for a sibling who may not be as good at doing their laundry as you wish they were. Give them a head start with our easy-to-use, premeasured Laundry Detergent Pacs in both unscented and lavender. Are their fabrics feeling a little crusty? Introduce them to our gentle Fabric Softener pacs. Tough stains lingering? Pop in an Oxi Boost Stain Remover pac. Not only will their clothes be clean and fresh, but they’ll be saving the planet with less packaging and no waste.

Gift for Partner

If you’re going to give the gift of sleep to your partner, you might as well pick something you’ll both enjoy. Check out the Luxury Down Alternative Comforter! Designed with breathability in mind, this blanket has the weightlessness of a down comforter. Hypoallergenic and naturally cooling, this comforter will keep you comfortable without overheating. The perfect gift for your partner… and you!

Gift for Long-Distance Partner

Long-distance love can be an incredible challenge. No matter the reason, we know that being away from each other can make love and affection-centered holidays more difficult. That’s why we recommend giving your valentine the Luxury Weight Blanket. Made of the same luxuriously soft bamboo viscose as our sheets, this blanket simulates the feeling of a warm hug through deep-touch pressure technology. Thousands of tiny glass beads are evenly distributed throughout the fabric, reducing anxiety and promoting tranquility. Send your partner a hug-in-a-box!

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of a perfect night’s sleep with Cosy House Collection. Your loved ones deserve it! 

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Monet Moore

Written by Monet Moore