Cosy Lookbook: Color Combinations With Teal

Cosy Lookbook: Color Combinations With Teal

2022 is quickly approaching and we have a few big predictions in interior design. One of our favorite predictions is teal interiors! Playing with different colors can change the look and feel of a room, and teal is an inviting color that combines well with so many others—read on to learn all the ways you can incorporate teal into your home’s interior.

Add pops of color

Since it pairs nicely with so many colors, adding pops of teal throughout your home is a great way to incorporate the cool tones. Teal artwork, vases, or throw pillows are great for drawing the attention of visitors. If your living area or bedroom is neutral-colored, a colorful teal carpet can add an extra layer of visual appeal to the room.

Teal walls

Since there are so many different shades of teal, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a wall color! Very light-colored teal can act as a neutral wall color to combine nicely with many vibrant hues, while darker teal can act as a deep contrast against light colors like white or pastels. Keep in mind that the more subtle the other shades in the room are, the more your teal walls will pop.

Two-toned look

While teal pairs nicely with many colors, a great way to keep your room looking cohesive is by choosing one color to pair with your vibrant teal hue. For a more vibrant room, we recommend pairing dark teal with bright yellow or pastel pink, and for a more subtle but still stunning room, try pairing light teal with white, tan, or brown. This two-toned look is a great idea for a kitchen or bathroom, where you can change the colors of cabinets rugs, and other accessories relatively easily. When combining light teal and tan, you’ll likely create the aesthetic of a beachy getaway. With tan sand and the teal ocean, you can add hints of bright yellow and citrus green to create even more of an oasis.

Color coordinate bedding

Teal is associated with calm and relaxation, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great choice for bedding! Lighter shades of teal can make your bedroom look larger, while darker teal paired with vibrant colors can add a zesty touch to your room. This bold hue has been shown to increase concentration and creativity, so it’s great for children and adults alike!

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