College Comforts Gift Guide: Cosy Gifts to Help Your Kid Get Settled In

College Comforts Gift Guide: Cosy Gifts to Help Your Kid Get Settled In

Congratulations to your student on their acceptance to college! Now it's time to start thinking about what to get them for their big move. Whether they're a freshman or a senior, there are plenty of great gift ideas out there that will help them make the most of their college experience.

In this Cosy House Gift Guide, we'll share some of our top favorite ideas for college students. From practical essentials to fun and unique gifts, we've got something for everyone.

So whether you're looking for a gift for an emerging chef, a budding artist, a homebody, or an avid explorer, we've got you covered.

Before You Start Gifting

August and September are usually the months when many teens start heading off to college. That might mean moving to a brand new city, or even a brand new state. No matter where their passions and dreams are taking them next, if you have someone you care for that’s trying to get prepped you can help them out. A little goes a long way!

There are three main gift categories that we considered to create this guide for you: 

  1. The practical essentials. These are the things your student simply won’t be able to live without and that will help them stay organized and comfortable in their new living space.
  2. The fun and unique gifts. These are the things that will help your student remain sane amidst the chaos that is college or will help them relax and have fun.
  3. The gifts that show you care. These are the things your student might look to when they’re homesick and need a pick-me-up.

    Tech & Gadgets 

    Today is the day and age of all things technology. And, if we had to guess, your budding student is most likely a tech-savvy member of Gen Z. When they join the hustle and bustle of university life, technology will be a vital part of their everyday routine. Make sure they’re prepared with:

    • Portable Bluetooth speaker: to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while they study or relax.
    • Set of noise-canceling headphones: to block out distractions and focus on their studies.
    • Some much-needed tech accessories: like a laptop bag, a phone case, or a portable charger.

      Something From Home

      Moving away from your childhood home, your friends, and your family can be a nerve-wracking experience full of mixed emotions. The best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and genuine, so take some time to think about what the new college student in your life would love. Probably a little piece of home, right? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

      • Framed and signed photo(s): of their family or friends, signed by people that they love.
      • Care packages: packed with their favorite homemade cookies, home-baked bread or pie, a jar of their favorite jam or jelly, or absolute favorite snacks.
      • Personalized mug: with their hometown on it.
      • Gift certificates: to their favorite restaurant back home (this could also work as a little incentive to get them to visit, too).

        Gifting Experiences 

        Most college students are on a super tight budget. Even just indulging in simple pleasures outside of school could mean disaster for their bank account. To make sure your student doesn’t miss out on fun experiences while they’re away studying, you can give them the gift of: 

        • Weekend getaway: to a nearby city or town, which is the perfect way for them to explore a new place and experience new things with new college friends.
        • Tickets: to a concert or sporting event so they can see their favorite artist or team in person.
        • Workshops: like a cooking class, a pottery class, a hobby they love, or something brand new they’ve never done before they’ve been saying for a while that they want to learn.
        • Gift cards: to their favorite store or restaurant to treat themselves, or to a travel agency or online retailer so they can start planning their next trip. 

          Self-Care & Stress Relief

          If you went to college, you know all too well the sleepless nights, the midnight breakdowns, the anxiety of an upcoming exam, or even just the stress of social life. Although going to college can be some of the best years, it can also turn into a rude awakening if your student isn’t prepared. Gear them up with the tools they need to wind down and relax so they can be the best version of themselves on campus: 

          • Subscriptions: to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify so they can stay entertained and relax during their downtime. You can also consider a subscription to a mindfulness app so they can learn how how to practice mindfulness, which can help to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.
          • Massage or spa day: to relax and de-stress. 

          Pro Tip: If your student can’t get to the spa, you can bring the spa to them with Cosy’s Luxury Towel Set and a nice set of bath products. This could include a bath bomb, bubble bath, body wash, lotion, and a face mask. It's a great way to help them relax and unwind after a long day of classes.

          • Extra snuggly loungewear: to lie back in their dorm when they’re spending a lazy “reset” day inside. For maximum comfort, gift your student our Cosy Loungewear Set made with the highest-quality bamboo viscose blend for breathability and luxury.
          • Something that encourages creativity: like a set of watercolors, a journal for writing poetry, puzzle games, or an arts and crafts kit!

            Kitchen Essentials

            Cooking in a college dorm room isn’t exactly easy. If your student isn’t opting for the university meal plan to save some extra cash, get them some kitchen supplies they’ll most definitely need to make eating delicious and nutritious meals easier:

            • Subscription: to a meal delivery service, which gives your student peace of mind knowing they don’t need to spend tons of money on groceries or tons of time on meal prepping. 
            • Stainless steel silverware: like our very own Dining Utensils Set. This set includes 20 pieces of premium-quality stainless steel place settings that will last your student from semester to semester (even until after they graduate). They are dishwasher-safe and rust-proof for easy maintenance, with good corrosion resistance to boot. 
            • Handy-dandy microwave: which is a must-have for any college student, as it's a great way to heat leftovers, cook frozen meals, and make popcorn.
            • Cooking appliances: such as a rice cooker and a slow cooker. Rice is a staple food in college, so a rice cooker is the perfect investment. Slow cookers make cooking easy as they are a great way to make a big batch of food that can be eaten throughout the week.

              Dorm Décor

              Having decorations in your living space is good for your brain—it’s true! A disorganized space means a disorganized mind, and that’s not the best-case scenario for a student trying to pass classes. Making your room look good can also make you feel good, too. [1] Enrich your student’s environment (and, in turn, enrich their mind) with some classic decorative goodies: 

              • Things to hang on the wall: like a wall tapestry to add some personality, a string of lights for a little festive cheer or to create a more relaxing atmosphere, or a cute photo collage so they can display their favorite memories. 
              • Things for the desk: like a desk lamp so they can study in comfort without straining their eyes or small potted plants to add some life to their dorm room. We suggest getting faux plants so your student won’t need to add the worry of watering their greenery to their long list of to-dos. 
              • Personalized throw blanket or pillowcase: with their favorite hometown team's logo. If that’s too tall an order, you can also just grab the Everyday Fleece Blanket and 100% Bamboo Pillowcases in your student's favorite colors or their school colors. 

                Bedroom Must-Haves

                A good night’s rest is crucial for learning and memory. When your student is well-rested, they’re better able to focus, concentrate, and retain information. [2,3] Although pulling an all-nighter is common practice in college, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your grades. Give your student the gift of quality snooze time they won’t be able to resist:

                • Super soft duvet cover set: so they can enjoy an easy-care routine and benefit from cozy, clean sleep. The Everyday Duvet Cover Set adds a layer of cozy to your student’s bed with an ultra-luxurious cover made from double-brushed microfiber for softness and comfort. It’s also machine washable and easy to maintain, resisting stains and fading.
                • Luxe quilt set: to make sure their room is still “enriched” while also keeping their bed comfortable for a good night’s rest. The Luxury Quilt Set is just the linen for the job. It brings an aesthetic upgrade to your student’s dorm while also having moisture-wicking properties that help circulate airflow, wicking away excess body heat for a cooler sleep every time.
                • Some blackout curtains or an eye mask: to keep their sleep environment cool and dark. Darkness helps to promote the production of melatonin. Noise and light can disrupt sleep, so make sure your student’s bedroom is as dark and quiet as possible with these gifts. [4,5]
                • Essential oil mist: to freshen their linens for more quality sleep. You’ll want to search for oils that are proven to help promote better sleep, so we suggest The Cosy House Lavender Linen Spray, which is a deodorizing mist inspired by aromatherapy and made with lavender essential oils. 

                Pro Tip:  Why lavender? Because it has been shown to have several benefits for sleep, including improving sleep quality, increasing the time spent in deep, slow-wave sleep, promoting relaxation and calm, and even reducing stress and anxiety. [6,7,8]

                • Powerful bedside fan: to keep their sleep environment just the right temperature. Sometimes dorm rooms aren’t the best when it comes to AC. If your student moves in and starts complaining about how hot their room is, get them a fan to keep them cool at night. The ideal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. [4,5]

                We hope this gift guide has helped you find the perfect gift for your college student. But, if you’re looking for something a little different than anything we’ve listed here, no need to worry. Click right here to find even more essentials and fun goodies you can gift to your college kiddo! 

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                Congratulations to your loved one and we wish them all the best on their new journey—from all of us here at Cosy!

                What are your favorite gift ideas from this list? What kinds of gifts have you already made or bought for the new student in your life? Let us know in the comments below. We always love hearing from our Cosy Community!


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