9 Quick and Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

9 Quick and Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

For many people, day-to-day life can get hectic, and oftentimes, “true romance” can be forgotten or an afterthought. 

During this time of year, love is in the air and your bedroom wants in on the intimacy and romance. 

Even with the busiest of schedules, simple steps can transform your space. And we’re here to help! Check out our list of 9 quick and easy ways to show your partner you care.

Put the Focus on the Bed

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom—make it grand and inviting. Nothing says romance like a four-poster bed or adding a canopy around your bed. A canopy gives a sense of opulence and an airy fairytale-like feel. If neither of these is your style, maybe opt for a statement headboard, like a velvet tufted bed.

Mood Lighting & Candles

The ideal lighting to create a romantic atmosphere is warm, soft, and inviting. Low lighting, specifically in warm tones, help create the feeling of intimacy and privacy. To enhance the calm, relaxed feeling, place your lights along the outside walls.[6]

In terms of candles, or even incense or essential oils, there are certain scents that are deemed more romantic than others. Rosewood and patchouli are known as aphrodisiacs. Other romantic options include jasmine, lavender, or cherry blossom.[5] However, tread lightly with the sense of smell—overpowering scents can kind of ruin the mood. 

Unscented candles can be placed all around the room for added ambiance. Use different heights and sizes to switch it up. 

Add a Mirror

Did you know that you could enhance your room by simply adding a large mirror? 

Place a mirror in your bedroom in a way that will reflect softened light. Mirrors amplify whatever it is reflecting, adding depth to your bedroom.  

Flowy Window Treatments/Curtains for Privacy

Soaking in natural light is great, and actually found to be beneficial for you.[4] But sometimes, you want to set the mood (and get some privacy).  

When choosing window treatments that are alluring, flowy, plush, and dark. These will help block out lights and help decrease external noise, all while leveling up the room a bit, too. 

Channel Your Favorite Holiday Destination 

Escape for moment without even leaving your bedroom. Think of your favorite vacation destination. Is it where you honeymooned? A romantic getaway that you’ll never forget? A secret spot that you dubbed “yours?” 

Bring elements of your favorite spot to your bedroom. These elements could be pieces of art, trinkets, dried florals, wedding photos, or even colors and textures that might trigger a memory. Find a candle that might match the trip—ocean breezes, camp fire, nature scents, or anything similar. You’ll be able to look at these elements and instantly bring up fond memories and take you right back to that time. 

Add Some Music

Music is good for the soul. In fact, there are scientific studies to prove it. According to a McGill University study, music can cause a release of dopamine, the “feel-good chemical,” in the brain. To add to it, singing can release oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” adding to positive feelings associated with music.[1

To go further beyond hormonal effects, music possibly impacts the way you look at a loved one or how you emotionally feel. A study coming out of the University of London found music can play a role in the way one relates emotionally to another’s face.[2] Additionally, another study states that once you create a relationship with a song or piece of music (“your song”) it can consistently bring forth positive feelings for you.[3]

Convinced? If the answer is yes—consider adding a smart speaker or Bluetooth speaker to your bedroom. Create your own personalized playlist with songs that make you happy or songs that are meaningful to you and your significant other. There’s nothing better than playing “your song” and falling in love all over again.

Choose the Right Colors 

What are the most romantic colors for a bedroom? The ones that make you and your significant other feel happier at home.

When creating your bedroom color palette, follow this formula: Pick four or five colors for your bedroom. Two to three of these will be your base colors, with one or two being your accent colors.

While quieter and neutral color palettes are trendy and airy, darker colors work well when creating a romantic space. This is because they create depth and a cozy, cocoon-like feel. However, both vibes work well when creating a romantic bedroom. Here are some color ideas for you to try:

  • Jewel tones: Black, gray, sapphire blue, emerald green, and deep purple
  • Light and airy: Ivory, white, beige, light pink, and gold
  • Sophisticated: Tan, gray, white, and navy blue

Plush Elements

Soft textures, draping fabrics, lush and cozy elements—all of these things can really add to the romantic feel of a bedroom. Here are some ways to enhance your romantic space:

  • Pillows: Add a pile of pillows to make your bed look comfy and inviting. Our Luxury Pillows are adjustable, so you can make them as fluffy as you want or adjust them for your comfort levels. Plus, they are encased in a bamboo viscose case for extra softness.
  • Plush Bedding: Something about plush, cloud-like bedding is just so…romantic. Our Luxury Down Alternative Comforter is the definition of cloud-like and can really upgrade the vibe of your bed. Drape our Everyday Fleece Blanket to mix up textures and add another layer of coziness.
  • Shag or Faux Fur Rug: Imagine getting out of bed and feeling a super soft, lush rug under your feet. What better way to start the day? 

Splurge on Bedding

Your bedroom, especially your bed, should look inviting. So go all in on your bedding choices. Look for soft and cozy bedding, blankets, and pillowcases that make you want to dive into bed and stay awhile. 

If you want a resort-quality escape, we have you covered. Cosy House carries a line of luxury bedding you’ll never want to leave. Our superior Luxury Bed Sheets and Luxury Pillowcases are crafted from silky soft bamboo viscose, making it lightweight and breathable. 

For extra coziness, add our Luxury Duvet Cover to our Down Alternative Comforter or opt for our Luxury Quilt—both bring their own flare (and ultimate comfort) to the bedroom. 

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How do you add romantic touches to your bedroom? Which of these ideas do you want to try? Let us know in the comments! We love hearing from our Cosy Community!

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