5 Dorm Room Gifts for Your College Student

5 Dorm Room Gifts for Your College Student

For most young people, college is a new and exciting chapter in their life. While it’s fun to meet new people and try new activities, the transition from living in a family household to sharing a small dorm room with a roommate can be overwhelming.

If you’re a parent to a new student, you may be worrying about how they’re doing in their new environment. Odds are, they’re probably loving the newfound freedom and social life—but they’re probably also missing the comfort of home. A great way to get them accommodated to their new living situation is to send them gifts that will make their dorm room feel more like home.

1. A Cozy Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket for college students at Cosy House Collection

If you or your college student have ever been in a dorm, you should know that they’re notoriously cold, especially during the snowy winter season. A weighted blanket is a perfect remedy for cold nights in the dorm room.

Weighted blankets have a variety of benefits along with keeping them warm. It goes without saying that college can be stressful and, if they are new to college life, the transition to a new lifestyle can be difficult. This Luxury Weighted Blanket helps reduce feelings of anxiety and depression while promoting tranquility. Made of luxuriously soft bamboo viscose, this blanket simulates the feeling of a warm hug through deep-touch pressure technology.

It’s also hypoallergenic, and stays cleaner for longer compared to other traditional plush weighted blankets, which means fewer laundry days! 

They will love curling up with this blanket while binge-watching movies and eating all those snacks you sent in their latest care package.

2. A Plush Pillow

plush bamboo memory foam pillow at Cosy House Collection

What’s a blanket without a pillow, right? All-nighters are just part of the college  experience and, sometimes, a necessary evil. There’s nothing better than laying your head down on your pillow after a long night of studying. 

A quality plush pillow is essential to a good night’s sleep. Enter the Luxury Pillow! The soft bamboo viscose hypoallergenic material naturally resists common household non-living allergens, which can benefit people who struggle with sensitive skin and noses. 

Your student will likely be looking down at screens and homework more often than not. The Luxury Pillow is created with high-density, adjustable shredded memory foam, offering instant pressure release while laying down. Also, it is super supportive, which is perfect for those who snore (no one wants to be “that'' roommate). 

Also, dorm beds are known for being uncomfortable, so this pillow makes those few hours of sleep that they do get even better. Support, coolness, and comfort — what more could your student want from a pillow?

3. Spa-Worthy Towels

Cosy House bamboo pillows for college kids

Have you ever heard the saying, “A pair and a spare?” This is especially true in regards to towels for your college student. Doing laundry in the dorms can take some time — you have to wait for open washers and dryers, deal with broken machines, and keep an eye on your clothes while they’re washing.

Hypoallergenic towels, like the Luxury Towels, are designed so that they don’t need frequent washes. The hypoallergenic material resists common non-living allergens, so they can limit laundry day to once a week.

Also, their plush feel can help make the community bathroom feel more like a spa experience. Talk about a huge bonus!

4. Skin-Friendly Detergent

Laundry detergent pods for college students

No one likes lugging around those plastic, heavy detergent jugs. When using a communal laundry room, detergent pods are a must-have. Make sure you get them a detergent that’s free of harsh chemicals, chlorine, phosphates, or dyes. 

Our Laundry Detergent Pacs make washing a no-mess breeze and are especially great for people who suffer with sensitive skin or allergies. Unlike bigger brand laundry pods, the detergent pacs don’t leave a sticky residue behind in your clothes. They dissolve completely so that your college student will have that fresh scent that smells like home.

5. Time-Saving Dryer Balls

dryer balls for college students at Cosy House Collection.

While you’re stocking up on laundry supplies for your student, ditch the one-time-use dryer sheets and get them dryer balls. Not a super common gift, but trust us on this one. 

Dryer sheets contain countless chemicals — artificial fragrance, toxins, animal fat, and other ingredients that aren’t even listed on the box. When dryer sheets are used, all of those unwanted chemicals make their way onto clothes, towels, sheets, and then your skin. No one wants that.

Better yet, these dryer balls are made from 100% organic wool sourced from humanely sheared New Zealand sheep.

Dryer balls will be your college student’s new best friend on laundry days by leaving their clothes wrinkle, static, and tangle-free and reducing their drying time by 30% so they don’t have to sit in the laundry room all night!

You can’t be by your college student’s side anymore, but hopefully, these gifts will give them a piece of home and help them to stay happy, healthy, comfortable, and most of all, clean

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