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4 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

We’ve all seen the picture-perfect bedrooms on social media and in magazines. But the truth is, these rooms are much larger than the norm. Especially if you live in a city, spacious rooms are few and far between. Luckily, there are ways for you to fake it until you make it. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to make your tiny room appear way larger than it is so you can have that bedroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

natural light to make a room look bigger

When it comes to enhancing a room, lighting is your best friend. Natural lighting is especially effective at opening up the interior of a room and making it look larger. If you’re lucky enough to have larger windows, make sure to keep your curtains open to let in as much light as possible and to create the illusion that your bedroom is one with the outside scenery. If the view from your window isn’t so great, still leave the curtains open and simply add plants around the window to liven up the view.

Insider tip: Strategically place mirrors in your bedroom, either opposite or next to windows, to increase the amount of natural light being cast into the room. 

Cut Out Clutter

make your room larger by avoiding clutter

Clutter, for a number of reasons, can totally ruin the look of a room. One major way it changes a room is by making it appear smaller. If you’d like to open up your space, try to keep your room decluttered and clean. Clutter not only includes items thrown all over the floor, but it also includes overcrowding of the space with furniture and décor. Try to keep it as simple as possible with which pieces of furniture and décor you use in your room and try to only stick to the essentials. Overcrowded walls or beds with too many throw pillows can especially shrink a room. Opt for one or two throw pillows and leave some space on your walls.

Use Light Paint Colors

light colored walls to make room look larger

Light colors are ideal to create space in a small room. Light and bright colors are more reflective, so they’re a great choice for wall paint to get more natural light into your bedroom. Choose off-white, blues, and greens to make your room look bigger and more inviting. An even sneakier trick is to paint the trimming around your walls a bright white to make the wall appear farther back, enlarging the look of your room even more.

Choose Fabric Strategically

cotton fabric to make a room look bigger

Some fabrics can be more eye-catching than others, drawing attention to themselves and making the space around them look smaller. Fabrics like velvet, wool, and other heavier materials should be avoided when trying to make a room look bigger. Instead, opt for light bedding made of cotton, linen, or even bamboo (bamboo is also breathable and keeps you cooler at night. Quite the bonus!). Like mentioned earlier, it also helps to choose lighter-colored bedding that will be more inconspicuous and open up a room. Colors like off-white, dusty blue, light green, and light gray can work wonders in a small space.

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