2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones

2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones

Trying to find the right presents for your loved ones can make the holidays a stressful time. Not only should you get them something they like, but also something they actually find useful. The big question is: where do you even start? 

In recent years, people have been spending more time at home, so it is important that their environment is comfortable and cozy – and what’s cozier than lying in bed and getting a good night’s sleep? For this year’s Christmas gifts, Cosy House has got you covered. With these 7 products, not only will they feel comfortable, but they’ll also experience the best sleep of their life! 

Everyday Fleece Blanket

What better way to spend the holidays than to be cuddled up watching a movie with a hot chocolate in hand? Well, there’s no way this scenario doesn’t involve a blanket to cuddle up with. Cosy House’s Everyday Fleece Blanket is made from polyester with a fleece finish, giving endless softness and comfort. From the living room couch to a college dorm, this blanket is a great addition to keep you cozy all year long. 

Additionally, this blanket is hypoallergenic, warding off common household non-living allergens– perfect for those with sensitive skin and noses! And with a variety of 8 colors, they can match just about any home setting you can think of. Don’t let your loved ones miss out on this easy-to-clean, ultra-soft blanket. 

Luxury Weighted Blanket

Some people say you haven’t experienced true comfort until you’ve owned a weighted blanket… and we honestly can’t disagree. Not only is our Luxury Weighted Blanket made to be extremely smooth and relaxing, but its technology is made to help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, great for those who are affected by the cold winter days. 

Made with ultra-soft bamboo viscose, a microfiber blanket topper, premium glass beads, and protective pockets, the Luxury Weighted Blanket is strong and durable, lasting you through winter seasons to come. And although it’s built with multiple layers for strength and comfort, its ventilation system won’t allow you to get overheated while using the blanket. This blanket is the perfect companion for a night of relaxation!

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Luxury Towel Set

There’s nothing worse than gifting a loved one something they will never use. So why not gift them with something you know they will absolutely need? A towel set is simply a must-have for a home. By gifting the Luxury Towel Set to your loved one, they’ll make use of the softest towel they’ve ever had, during every season of the year. From warm baths in the winter to future pool days in the summer, these towels will provide ultimate absorption and warmth. 

With hypoallergenic bamboo viscose and cotton, its material is engineered to dry quickly, stay fresh between washes, and feel silky smooth – so you can forget about rough fibers that leave your skin feeling scratchy. And adding to the benefits, the Luxury Towel Set comes in 2 packs, so your loved ones will be getting a 6-piece towel set! They’ll thank you for this soft, practical gift.

Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Nothing elevates a room’s decoration better than a beautiful comforter. A comforter can make the bed look like hotel quality, providing warmth and comfort throughout the entire year – at least, the right comforters can. Cosy House’s Luxury Down Alternative Comforter is designed with an extra-soft bamboo viscose blend, for better comfort and better sleep. They’ll know what it is like to wake up truly refreshed! 

Made in 5 different colors, your loved ones can use them to bring a pop of color into their room, or make the bed blend in to create a safe, zen space. The possibilities for decoration are endless! And the best part: the hypoallergenic nature of the bamboo viscose material helps the comforter to stay cleaner for longer. This Christmas season, bring warmth and luxury to your loved ones with the Luxury Down Alternative Comforter

Luxury Pillow

Picture this: someone you love comes home after a long, exhausting day. They go to bed hoping to recharge their energy for the next day, only to wake up with a sore neck, feeling just as tired as the day before. The culprit: their pillow. Pillows are often discarded when purchasing new bedding. Whether the material doesn’t fit the person’s needs, or the pillow is flat and in dire need of replacing, the pillow just may be the cause of their sleep deprivation.

Well, this ends now. Cosy House’s Luxury Pillow will have your loved ones sleeping through the entire night, feeling like they’ve slept on a cloud. This pillow is designed to provide ultimate comfort while supporting their head, neck, and spine to stay aligned through the night. Its three layers of memory foam, transition foam, and bamboo viscose are fully adjustable to help your loved ones enter a state of sleeping bliss. As soon as their head hits the Luxury Pillow, they can sleep through the night like a baby!

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Luxury Bed Sheets

Do you ever wonder why you sleep so much better during vacation than at home? It’s not only because you’re on vacation, but also because of the bedding quality. Hotel sheets can make you feel like you’re sleeping on a marshmallow, so why should the vacation-like sleep end at home? Help your loved ones ditch their regular cotton sheets and upgrade to bamboo viscose. 

Grant them the gift of sleep with Cosy House’s Luxury Bed Sheets. They’ll experience the sleep quality they thought only existed in hotels, designed to maximize comfort and sleep. With thermal-regulating properties, the Luxury Bed Sheets are made to balance the user’s temperature through the night, preventing night sweats and uncomfortable sleep. 

With their lightweight and breathable bamboo viscose material, your loved ones can sleep through the night and get the rest they deserve every night. Forget about night sweats and tough sheets, and welcome better sleep - all thanks to you!

Bath & Shower Caddy

As we wind down and get ready for bed, a little pampering makes it easier to fall asleep. Self-care is just as important as it is calming, so we all appreciate gifts that make us relax and have a quiet night in. As you gift your loved ones with products to pamper themselves, such as bath bombs, shower gels, and loofas, consider adding Cosy House’s Bath & Shower Caddy to the mix to keep things organized.

The Bath & Shower Caddy is designed with drainage gaps and multiple hooks, so your loved ones can place their products on the caddy and allow them to dry, freeing up space in your shower area. Whether it be an extra shampoo bottle, a new shower gel, or multiple unused razors, this caddy has room for all of them. Also, the shower caddy is easily installed on multiple surfaces, such as marble, stainless steel, tile, and marble – no screws, bolts, or glue. This gift is useful, sleek, and oh-so-relaxing!

The holiday season can often be overshadowed by the anxieties of buying your loved ones the perfect presents. With these Cosy House products, you can relax knowing these gifts will help them get better sleep, organize their homes, and even pamper themselves. Bring them the joy of the holidays with Cosy House Collection!

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Maria Giovannetti Gil

Written by Maria Giovannetti Gil