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2022 Bedroom Design Trends

Happy New Year! Now that we’ve made it another year, we’ve been looking into the hottest bedroom trends that we’ll see throughout this next year. From comfy fabrics to bold statement pieces, you’ll want to keep an eye on what’s to come for the 2022 bedroom design.

Statement Patterns

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2022 is all about bold and bright patterns! While you might be less likely to play around with bright colors in your main living area, the bedroom is a more private, personal space where you can feel free to experiment. Although it may sound daunting, incorporating statement patterns is as easy as using a graphic rug, a statement wall, or simple patterned throw pillows or sheets. 

Bold Colors

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Similar to statement patterns, bold colors are making a splash in the new year as well. While neutrals like white, tan, and brown will always play a role in our homes, bright colors are becoming more popular in the bedroom. Colors like orange, green, and burgundy are growing widely popular thanks to their warm and inviting nature. While these colors look great when displayed across your bedroom walls, it may be hard to commit to vibrant colored walls. To get a feel for which bold colors you enjoy in your room, try testing out small changes like vibrant throw pillows, nightstand accessories, or even curtains.

Quality Over Price

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While it’s important to consider quality over price when buying bedding and other items for your bedroom, it’s important to not overspend. The key is to find products that are both of great quality and reasonably priced. When it comes to bedding, this is especially important for getting a good night’s sleep and stay feeling your best. Cosy House’s Luxury Bed Sheets are ideal for getting luxurious, hotel-quality bedding without breaking the bank! Click here to try them out.

Mindful Materials


Many people are opting for mindful options when it comes to clothing, beauty products, bedding, and more! Conveniently, bamboo viscose bedding is incredibly comfortable! Cosy House Collection’s Luxury Bed Sheets are the perfect choice for mindful bedding! These sheets are luxuriously soft and thermal regulating to keep you cool all night long. Not only that but they’re also available in more than 10 unique colors. Click here to pick your perfect sheet color!

Comfortable Fabrics

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As the Coronavirus pandemic forced us to enjoy more time at home, it made us value comfort over appearance more than anything. Comfort is incredibly important in the bedroom, but what if you could keep your bedroom looking stylish while also staying cozy? That’s where comfy, uniquely knit fabrics come into play! Plush, fuzzy blankets like Cosy House’s 1500 Series Fleece Blanket are perfect for adding a stylish yet comfy touch to your bedroom. It’s luxuriously soft and comes in 8 different colors so you can choose the hue that suits you best. Click here to try it yourself!

As we head into the new year, we’re sure to see new trends popping up all the time. Keep an eye on our blog to stay up-to-date on the latest interior design trends, tips, and tricks. In the meantime, grab your Cosy House Luxury Bed Sheets to get started on your dream bedroom!

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