11 Super Simple Staycation Ideas for the Perfect Cozy Escape (At Home!)

11 Super Simple Staycation Ideas for the Perfect Cozy Escape (At Home!)

Ditch the crowds, ditch the plane ticket. Dreaming of a getaway but stuck at home? This summer, skip the stress and create a luxurious escape without leaving your front door.

We've got all the staycation inspiration you need to transform your humble abode into a resort-worthy retreat. Cosy House is here to help you unwind in comfort with our top 11 staycation ideas—because self-care shouldn't require a passport. Get ready to relax, recharge, and rediscover the joy of cozying up at home.

1. Chill Cinematic Escape

  • Lights, Camera, Relaxation: Download or rent a movie you've been wanting to see. For a classic cinematic experience, consider projected movies using a projector and screen.
  • Snack Time: Make a big batch of popcorn with fun flavors like truffle or white cheddar, or put together a movie theater-style candy spread with popcorn, red vines, Milk Duds, or your favorite treat.
  • Comfy is Key: Drape yourself in a plush, soft Everyday Fleece Blanket and light some soy or beeswax candles for a warm, inviting ambiance.

2. Breakfast in Bed

  • Breakfast of Champions: The night before, prep ingredients for your favorite gourmet breakfast casserole or fluffy pancakes. In the morning, wake up to a delicious, stress-free meal. For a savory option, try prepping an eggs benedict hollandaise sauce or assembling breakfast burritos that can be quickly heated up.
  • Presentation Matters: Use your best plates and silverware, and don't forget a fresh flower or two in a small vase for an extra touch of elegance. If you have a tray table, utilize it to create a stable surface for your breakfast. Consider adding a small folded linen napkin under the vase for a polished look.
  • Fluffy & Supported: Pile up some indulgent, multi-layer Luxury Pillows for extra back support so it’s easier to sit up and enjoy a comfortable, yummy meal in bed.

3. Spa Day Sanctuary

  • Bath Time Bliss: Draw a warm bath and add Epsom salts, essential oils, or bath bombs for a luxurious soak. 
  • Light it Up: Dim the lights and light some aromatherapy candles like lavender or chamomile to create a calming atmosphere. Put on a relaxing spa music playlist to complete the ambiance.
  • The Finishing Touch: After your bath, wrap yourself in a super-plush Luxury Towel Set for peak coziness. Once dry and warm, slip into a super-soft robe and slippers and apply a hydrating face mask to truly pamper yourself. 

4. The Ultimate Reading Nook

  • Find Your Corner: Choose a quiet corner in your bedroom with ample natural light, or create a cozy spot in your living room by hanging string lights around a comfy armchair.
  • Pile on the Comfort: Surround yourself with comfy pillows and cushions to create the perfect spot to curl up with a good book. Consider using a bed rest to prop yourself up for extra comfort.
  • Don't Forget the Drinks: Keep a cozy beverage like hot tea or herbal iced tea within reach for an extra touch of relaxation. If you're feeling fancy, try a lavender latte or chamomile tea for their calming properties.

5. Armchair Travel

  • Virtual Voyages: Pick your dream destination and search for virtual tours online. Many museums and travel destinations offer 360-degree tours that let you explore from the comfort of your couch. Some national parks even offer virtual hikes you can experience. Grab a Weighted Blanket for some intense relaxation and deep-touch pressure therapy while you “travel.”
  • Set the Scene: If you're virtually visiting Paris, for example, bake some croissants or brew a pot of French press coffee. Light some candles with scents reminiscent of your chosen destination.
  • Travel Flicks: Put on a travel documentary or movie set in your chosen location to complete the immersive experience. Look for movies filmed on location for added authenticity.

6. Indoor Picnic

  • Location, Location, Location: Choose a spacious spot on the floor in your living room or bedroom, or for a unique experience, set up your picnic in your backyard patio.
  • Basket Basics: Pack a cute picnic basket or cardboard box decorated like a picnic basket with finger foods, sandwiches, and refreshing drinks. Don't forget colorful napkins and plates for a touch of whimsy. Include a small cooler bag to keep your drinks cold.
  • Sweet Treats: Include a small mason jar filled with fresh fruit salad or a decadent chocolate dessert for a special treat. Make your own trail mix for a healthy and customizable snack.

7. Find Your Zen

  • Create Calm: Choose a quiet room in your house and set up a yoga mat or some blankets. If you don't have a yoga mat, a thick towel will work in a pinch.
  • White Noise: Use a white noise machine to block out any distractions and create a serene atmosphere. Alternatively, you can find calming nature soundscapes online to play softly in the background.
  • Dress for Comfort: Wear moisture-wicking Bamboo Loungewear to keep yourself cool and comfortable while meditating, stretching, or exercising. 

8. Game Night Fun

  • Gather the Crew: Invite some friends or family over for a night of board games or card games. Consider the interests of your guests when choosing games—some may prefer strategy games while others enjoy a good laugh with party games.
  • Fort Fun: Build a blanket fort in your living room for a fun and unique game night ambiance. If you want to stay in bed, spread out the games, use throw pillows for extra seating, and dress your bed with 100% Bamboo Bed Sheets to keep everyone cool while they play!
  • Sweet & Savory Snacks: Set out a variety of sweet and savory snacks to keep everyone fueled throughout the night. Include options like popcorn, veggie sticks with hummus, chips and salsa, and bite-sized desserts like cookies or brownies.

9. Crafty Comfort

  • Channel Your Inner Artist: Choose a DIY project that interests you, like painting, scrapbooking, or learning a new craft like calligraphy. There are countless online tutorials and kits available to get you started, no matter your skill level.
  • Gather Your Supplies: Lay out all your materials on a comfortable surface, like your bed or a well-lit spot on the floor. Having everything within easy reach will help you stay focused and creative.
  • Put on Some Tunes: Play some upbeat music or podcasts to keep yourself inspired and motivated throughout your creative session.

10. A Spot of Tea, Anyone?

  • Steep Perfection: Invest in a nice loose-leaf tea sampler and select a flavor that piques your interest. For a truly authentic experience, consider brewing your tea with a teapot and strainer. Explore the world of tea by researching different tea cultures and trying a tea specific to a region that interests you.
  • Sweet & Savory Treats: Prepare a selection of scones, finger sandwiches, or miniature pastries for a delightful afternoon snack. Get creative in the kitchen and try baking your own scones or finger sandwiches. There are lots of easy recipes available online to help get you started!
  • Fancy Frills: Use your finest china teacups and saucers, or invest in a beautiful tea set for an extra touch of elegance.

11. Stargazing Soiree

  • Blanket Bliss: Spread out a cozy blanket and pillows on your balcony or backyard patio. If possible, choose a location with minimal light pollution for the best view of the night sky.
  • Starry Snacking: Pack a thermos filled with hot cocoa or herbal tea, and enjoy some stargazing snacks like popcorn, trail mix, or slices of fruit.
  • Stay Safe & Make Memories: Keep flashlights handy in case you need them, but try to limit artificial light as much as possible to preserve your night vision for optimal stargazing. Make it a fun and relaxing experience—tell spooky stories, share sweet memories, or trade wishes while gazing up with good friends or family.

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