10 Ways to Use Kitchen Flour Sack Towels

10 Ways to Use Kitchen Flour Sack Towels

Kitchen flour sack towels. The one household item everyone needs. Why? Because these aren’t just your average kitchen towels. 

Kitchen flour sack towels may not sound like an exciting kitchen item to have. But you’d be surprised at how many different ways you can use them, and many of these uses don’t limit you to the kitchen (new moms—we’re looking at you).

Curious to learn more? Keep reading. 

What’s So Great About These Towels, Anyways?

We’re so glad you asked. Flour sack towels are more than just your daily mess-picker-upper. They’re dependable and multipurpose towels, typically crafted from long cotton threads that are tightly woven, and they’ve been a kitchen essential since early colonial days. Why? Because these tea towels can do what other towels can’t. 

Just take a look at our list of uses below (some of them might surprise you). The options are seriously endless. 

The Basics: In The Kitchen

  • The Dish Cloth Staple. We all know the basics of a tea towel—general kitchen tidying. Because flour sack towels are safe to use around food and super duper absorbent, they're the perfect kitchen companion for cleaning spills and for food prep.  
  • Cheese Straining, Salad Spinning, & So On. As you probably already know, flour sack towels can be used for just about anything in the kitchen, whether that be as a cheese strainer, dust cloth, salad spinner, or steaming vegetables. They’re even useful for covering bread to keep it warm, lining fresh produce containers, or absorbing moisture from baked goods so they don’t get soggy. 

The Shockers: Anywhere, Anytime

  • DIY Reusable Grocery Tote. That’s right—kitchen flour sack towels aren’t just essential for the kitchen, they’re essential for a mindful home. You can put your crafting skills to the test by taking some old flour sack towels and fashioning them into a reusable tote bag. Not only does this help reduce excess plastic bag waste, but it’s cute and functional, too. Wondering how to do it? Here’s our simple DIY How-To to get your creative juices flowing: 
    • Slice an apple in half. Choose a favorite fabric paint and dip one half into the paint (you can snack on the clean half). Stamp some super cute apple patterns onto one or more plain sack towels, depending on how large you want your tote to be. If you don’t like the apple idea, try some cool-looking leaves from outside instead, or print out a stencil you like online. 
    • After the fabric paint dries, fold the towel in half so the shorter ends meet, making sure that the print is on the inside. Sew the sides shut, leaving the shorter end open.
    • Turn your new tote inside out so the print is now on the outside. Sew the ends of a wide ribbon or piece of fabric onto the opening for a handle or strap, and voila - you have your very own reusable tote bag!
  • Storage & Seals. We know you’ve got leftovers galore—let’s face it, we all do. Until you’re ready to chow down again, flour sack towels are perfect for covering pots, pans, and dishes to keep your food fresh. In fact, you can dampen the towel with a bit of water before wrapping it over the top of a dish so the food stays properly sealed for a few hours or even a few days. 
  • Cleaning. Unexpected messes? No matter. Flour sack towels can get the job done. Whether it’s window cleaning, dusting, taking stains out of fabric or carpet, or drying wet surfaces, flour sack towels are great for cleaning any area of the home. Plus, you won’t need to waste any more paper towels when cleaning the house. Why? Because the best flour sack towels are machine washable and reusable
  • Newborn Essentials. New moms! We didn’t forget about you. Did you run out of diapers? If you’ve got flour sack towels on deck, you can quickly wrap your baby in this super soft, durable, and absorbent cloth so you have time in-between running to the store and stocking back up on new diapers. Curious to learn how to fold a cloth diaper? Click here. And since they’re so absorbent, you can also use them as burp cloths!
  • Gift Wrapping. If you’re really getting into the mindful-home spirit, you can ditch the gift-wrapping paper and opt for flour sack towels instead. You can dye the towel to make the wrap more festive, or simply use the towel as-is and fold it over the gift. Complete the present with a ribbon, or go for natural gift toppers with a clipped herb like rosemary or a stick of pine for a warm and inviting scent. 
  • Hair Wraps. Yes! Flour sack towels can be great for drying hair after a shower because they’re designed to be ultra-absorbent and quick-drying. The best flour sack towels are made of high-quality 100% cotton so they’re soft and easy on frizz.
  • Plant Liners. Flour sack towels can come in handy when your plants need a little extra help. To allow for proper drainage and to also make sure the soil is kept evenly moist so your plants thrive, you can line your planters with a flour sack towel underneath the soil. The towel can help the water drain while also preventing soil loss, even while covering the drainage hole. That deserves a green thumbs up!
  • Washing Machine Bag. Protect your delicates by washing them inside a makeshift flour sack towel bag. Simply take an extra tea towel, fold it in half, and sew along the two edges, and you have an easy-peasy washing machine bag to hold delicate clothing items. To make sure it remains closed, you can use a button, snap, a safety pin, or simply tie it into a knot before throwing it into the laundry. 

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    What are your favorite ways to use our Kitchen Flour Sack Towels? Let us know in the comments below. The Cosy community loves hearing from you. 

    Marge Hynes

    Written by Marge Hynes