Why I think this is the perfect set of bedding!

Why I think this is the perfect set of bedding!

When it comes to health and happiness, I think getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. And to get good sleep, you need a bed that promotes restfulness, not disturbs it. It’s easy to overlook your bed’s key components, but the most important are the comfort, coolness, and cleanliness of your bed sheets! So, I compared bed sheets from the top online bedding companies to see which worked best for sleep. Surprisingly, the more expensive sheets were not the most sleep-friendly…

Experts say that we get the deepest and best sleep when our bodies are cool, comfortable, and able to breathe. There’s no denying that Egyptian cotton feels silky soft. But, science has shown that cotton sheets hang on to moisture[*], and make you hot at night. They also cost a lot to produce, which makes them the most expensive option.

This is where I came across your company! I saw that your an Amazon Best Seller. All the reviews looked great and it looks like you’ve been rattling the bedding industry with your luxury bed sheets that look and feel softer than Egyptian cotton, but without the high cost! The truth about inexpensive sheets (like the ones used by Cosy House) are still made of premium quality but they also have added benefits due to what the bedding is made from!

So, I ordered a set of sheets in hot pink, Queen size to see if they lived up to their reputation. The sheets arrived the next day after ordering and slid very easily on top of my deep-set mattress!

I was looking for ultra-softness, breath-ability, and coolness – and your Microfiber 1500 Series bed sheets impressed me in all three ways! After my first night sleeping on them, I woke up feeling fresh and relaxed, like I’d slept for days. During the night, I didn’t wake up once (which I usually do from night sweats). The sheets kept me nice and cool, but still cozy. And I noticed that the sheets stayed fresh and didn’t wrinkle one bit, even after a week of being slept in!

I can genuinely say that waking up feeling clean and well-rested starts me off on the right foot every day. I read on your website that it says the sheets are designed to wick moisture to help to reduce bacteria and germs. One thing I did notice was that 4 week’s into using these sheets on my bed…my migraines and sinus problems seemed to really improve! Maybe this is because I wasn’t breathing in as many allergens when I slept. As someone who’s been sleeping in the sheets for the past month now, I’m confident saying that they’re hands down the best sheets I’ve ever put on my bed.

$47 is all it cost me for a four-piece set that completely improved my sleep, mood, and energy levels.

The only reason you shouldn’t try these sheets is if you hate soft things and want to spend an absurd amount of money.

My conclusion

Price aside, the look at feel are what really sells you on these sheets, They are simple, clean and timeless.

I’m happy to report after a few weeks of use and a few washes in, they are holding up wonderfully!

A message from our company:

We believe that getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t cost a fortune. It’s an essential part of life that keeps us alive and functioning. It’s our honor to give the gift of quality sleep to people at an affordable price.

We don’t do retail, we don’t pay middle men, we distribute ourselves and we’re putting the bulk of our money into the quality of the product.  All of our sheets are designed/shipped from Clearwater, Florida and we strive for customer satisfaction!

Here are a few key notes for our 1500 series bed sheets that Kelsea talked about in her review:

Stain & Wrinkle Resistant

Our sheets are woven with advanced lab technology, and are designed to repel stains and wrinkles.

Cooling Yet Cozy

Our sheets are crafted to maintain your body temperature at a comfortable balance. So you’ll stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and feel fresh when you wake up all year long.

Moisture Wicking

Our sheets have the added benefit of wicking moisture and helping to prevent bacteria and dust mites from growing. This will help keep you cooler & cleaner!

Durable Yet Soft

Our sheets soft yet durable weaves make for long-lasting sheets that still allow the body to breathe. They also resist ripping, piling, and tearing.

Luxurious Look

Made from premium double-brushed microfiber, these sheets are designed to feel as luxuriously soft as Egyptian cotton and look just as sleek.