The 1 Huge Mistake that 95% of People Make When They Go To Sleep!

By fixing this one thing, you'll sleep longer & improve your health, appearance and skin!

Don't panic! It's not your fault & we can fix it!

The majority of people are led to believe that 100% cotton bedding is the best choice of bedding for comfort, sleep, hair & skin because of it's 'breathability'. This couldn't be further from the truth!

Your bedding is causing you some of your most frustrating problems & you don't even know it! Dry skin, split ends, tangled greasy hair & oily blemished skin are just some of the problems that come to mind.

But your probably asking, why?

The natural oils from your skin and hair, as well as any lotions or serums you put on before bed are absorbed by & build up in your bedding. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

When your hair, face & body rub against this dirty surface during sleep, you end up with clogged pores, dry skin, breakouts & greasy, dirty, dry hair.

The friction from your pillowcase on your hair & face then amplifies the damage done to both and contributes toward 'sleep wrinkles' on your skin. This happens because your hair grinds between your head and your pillow and your face drags across the pillowcase while you sleep. Since your face and hair are already so dry, you're further irritating and drying out your skin, while your hair suffers from breakage, split ends, and tangles.

This doesn't happen with Cosy House Sheets.

Because the double brushed fibers that Cosy House uses are so smooth and soft, there's hardly any friction. And, it doesn't absorb moisture like other fabrics.

Your hair will stay healthy, clean, and untangled. And your skin will stay hydrated, clean, clear, and you won’t wake up with sleep wrinkles.

Finally, another overlooked aspect of cotton bedding is that it's incredibly easy for allergens, dead skin & dust mites to embed themselves into it. If you suffer from allergies, you'll likely notice that you sometimes wake up with watery eyes, a runny nose, a sore throat, or a headache. It's all due to your sheets. Your bedding holds all the allergens, dead skin, oil, sweat, dust mites & dust mite poop (yes seriously), bacteria and any lotions or serums you use before bed!

So how do you fix this?


This next section is going to sound kind of like a sales pitch and I’m sorry about that. But this really is the only answer to all the problems above. If you’d like to wake up feeling fresh with beautiful hair, glowing skin, no sleep wrinkles, and the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time, continue reading below. If not, no hard feelings! Feel free to leave this article and continue enjoying your day :)

So what’s the answer?

The Cosy House 1500 Series Bed Sheets.

The 1500 Series is constructed with double-brushed fibers and has to be constructed in a unique way to prevent dust mites and allergens from attaching themselves into the bedding. This is because the fibers don't absorb moisture or create friction like other bedding.

Not only will your sleep will be better, but your hair, skin & complexion will be healthier. No waking up with sleep wrinkles.

With over 8,000 verified 5-star reviews on Google & 10,000+ verified Amazon reviews, this bedding really does what it promises! You can completely turn your mornings around by sleeping in Cosy House Sheets. Regain the sleep you never knew you were losing & wake up feeling fresh, happy & regenerated with these ground breaking sheets!

Improve your sleep & regain precious hours of missed sleep you didn't even know you were missing!


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